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Birth name: Aubrey Drake Graham..Also known as Drizzy Drake D.O.B: October 24, 1986 Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Genres: Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B Song titles: She Will, Best I ever had, Find your love, Take Care, Headlines, Im on one etc Drake's first studio album, Thank Me Later, Billboard 200, and his latest album is releasing on the November 15, 2011 titled Take Care


1. Genre 2. The concept and narrative of the music 3. 4. 5. 6.

video relating to its genre Relationship between lyrics and visuals Star Image Relationship between music and visuals Voyeurism


The genre of my chosen song for my music video is, Hip Pop.

Therefore, I decided to chose Drake as an example as his lyrics are very similar to my selected song by Lupe Friasco.
This music video had the conventional features of a Hip Pop music

video. I believe that a Hip Pop music video generally consists of anti authority behaviour, violence and sexual behaviour. These two images prove the conventions of Hip Hop genre.
The picture to my left is showing the girl on top of the guy this is showing sexual behaviour and the picture to my right is showing the main character and artist Drake is at a gunpoint which portrays violence.


The video starts with Drake being warned by an elderly Rasta man about not fooling around with Puffys (the gangster in the music video) girl. However, Drake does not listen to the Rasta man and declares that he must go and see her again. In the music video there are shots of Drake attending parties and being close with the girl. Afterwards Drake is seen with the girl by one of Gullys workers. They report to him at that very instance and Drake is kidnapped and brought to Gully. The ending shows Drake at a gunpoint by Gullys girlfriend (the girl Drake is after as well) and three shots are heard followed by the name of the song, FIND..YOUR..LOVE.
When the girl puts Drake on to a gunpoint, he has a flashback. It ends with three gunshot noises to show he is dead and the three words on out right come up. This one of the best music videos I have ever come across and by making the font bold it and in red it sums up the whole music video. The connotations of read are usually related to love or danger, I feel as though this music video is portraying both of the sides.

Relationship between lyrics and visual

At this particular shot Drake says, you hear but u dont listen. This shot is flashback to the beginning to show the connection between visuals and lyrics. This shot alarms the audience and keeps them anticipated to a sense of danger, as Drake is being warned by the Rasta man at the beginning but decides not to listen to him and now its reminiscing in his consciousness. This is very effective as it keeps the story line, lyrics and visuals all linked in very well to keep the audience engaged.

Drake says, too many times Ive

been wrong. At the same time this shot is shown to convey the connection between lyrics and visuals as hes getting closer to Gullys girlfriend and is getting signals to stop his attraction towards Gullys girl. His name is written in red to show danger. This also shows the person who is being wrong is Gully. The use of medium close up shot give emphasis to his name and this keeps the audience anxious of the forthcoming events.

Star image is shown throughout this music video by showing Drake in a record studio. This shows star image and to give emphasis on the fact that he had sung and written this song. As this video is a story throughout it is essential for Drake to show that he is the one who had sang the song and written the lyrics. He is shown wearing normal clothing, this shows his simplicity and Drake being down to earth. This image of Drake is very appealing to the audience, as it allows them to empathise better with him.


As you can see the print screen on the right hand side, the dance move that they do in the club is highly interconnected to the beat of the music which invokes the dancers to move the upper part of their body backwards. This dance move was right on the beat after Drake says, I better find your loving. In this print screen shot, you can see Drake putting his hand on his heart as he says, I better find you heart. By using this gesture at 1.43 it makes it implicit that the music had an impact on Drake reaction, by moving his hand to his heart.

By using relationships between music and visuals it puts more meaning and emotions to the music video. It allows the audience to relate better to the music video and also allows the artist to convey the message trying to be shown throughout the music video.


The editing techniques are very slow till 1.51 as the beat of the music has no fully kicked in. After 1.53, the edits and snap shots become very fast and at each word, hey, hey..hey, there is a different snap shot between 1.54-1.56 shown below.

This repetitive jumpy beat is used when the words, hey..hey..hey, come on. This shows that as the tempo increases so does the editing pace. The change in beat/tempo results in change in editing pace, this keeps the audience engaged and interested to watch further on. By only having the editing pace increasing at a particular verse, it puts importance on to those three words and allows the audience to identify the chorus.






My first image on the top left hand side shows Drake and the female character kissing, this creates a sex appeal towards them which is stereotypical of R&B genre. The shot is a close up shot to give emphasis on them two kissing and the consequences it could lead to later on. The second image top right corner, is a far angle shot of them two kissing in the dark. I felt as though this shot created a more romantic feel to the music video and shows the seriousness of them two being together, rather than it being a more sex appeal. The third picture conveys a soft sex appeal, in comparison to the first picture which shows a rather dominant and strong sex appeal. The gentle kiss he is giving her on her neck shows the purity within the boy and that he truly loves and wants to be with her, allowing the audience to sympathise with the character. The last picture, I believe this picture is trying to show voyeurism in a classy way as you can see she is wearing a shinny and trendy bikini. This reminds of the film Honey starring Jessica Alba. Jessica is wearing similar kind of clothing and has similar styling in her film. I also feel the club at the beginning could also be inspired by the film Honey as a similar sort of feel is creating in the beginning of the film, when they are in the club dancing.

Overall I believe that this music video conveys the Marxism

theory unknowingly. As a result to the setting being in a poor area, (as you are able to see poor children running around) I felt that the children living in this area have financial issues and to resolve these issue they are escorted to committing crimes. The villain in this music video could of been through this phase during his younger days. The change in setting from inside to outside of the club shows, the captive movement of wealthier people owning the club in such a poor area. The club/bar is outstanding and glamorous yet the area outside it is not, this shows that even though theres something luxurious in a poor area it still does not change the lifestyle of the poor people living in the area. Therefore the government is probably such that they do not allow progression of the area to occur.

In conclusion I find the ending of the music video very

interesting as it is shown as a flashback, I may consider using this sort of technique in my own music video. By analysing this music video I realised the importance of star image and I feel as though this music video portrays star image very well in comparison to the other music videos, I have analysed. This will help me to create my artist and I will make sure that my artist is confident and has the quality to make the audience believe in him. This could be shown through facial expressions, body posture and most importantly eye contact.