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So|or Energy

Ihermo| Oven
o you know?
- Ihe IcIc| :c|cr energy cL:crLec Ly ecrIh:
cImc:phere, ccecn cnc |cnc mc::e: i: =
3,850,000 excjcu|e: {EJ).
- Sc|cr i: cfIen mcre cffcrccL|e in fuIure wiIh
new :cienIific re:ecrche: IhcI :hcu|c
cecrec:e Ihe cc:I: cnc increc:e Ihe
efficiency cf Ihe :c|cr energy.
- Sc|cr energy i: u:ec Ic hecI pcc| wcIer,
chcrge LcIIery cnc pcwer cuIcccr
- ln 10, cn cirp|cne :ucce::fu||y u:ec :c|cr
energy Ic crc:: UniIec SIcIe:.
hot |s so|or energy?
- /|IerncIive energy :curce IhcI
invc|ve: hcrne::ing Ihe rccicnI |ighI
energy emiIIec Ly Ihe :un cnc
ccnverIing iI inIc cIher fcrm:.
- CIher fcrm: :
i. Ihermc| energy
ii. E|ecIricc| energy
iii. KineIic energy
- Sc|cr energy = renewcL|e energy.
- Ncwcccy:, Iechnc|cgie: in :c|cr
energy hc: Leen wice|y u:e in
g|cLc|izcIicn erc.
- Excmp|e: :
i. FhcIcvc|Icic ce||.
ii. Cc|cu|cIcr.
iii. Sc|cr ccr:.
iv. Sc|cr cven.
So|or ovenJthermo| oven
- Sc|cr cven cr Ihermc| cven i: c
cevice which u:e :c|cr c: c mcin
energy :curce Ic ccck/hecI
- Sc|cr cven fc||cw: greenhcu:e
effecI: princip|e Ic wcrk cuI.
ow |t works?
1he sun strikes inside the sular uven. 1he sun's shurt-wave rays
cruss the twu glass walls withuut lusing energy.
ln tuuching the internal walls uf the uven which are cuvered
with an aluminium fuil, they are transfurmed intu heat rays that
can nu lunger cruss the ulystyrene.
1his creates an energy tra that alluws us tu cuuk ur heat
with bluch
lnner lining couered with
uluminium foil
Iun ruyt
!r|nc|p|es use |n so|or oven.
i. HecI gcin
ii. HecI |c::
iii. HecI :Icrcge
eot go|n
- /: Ihe :un :Irike: Ihe c|uminium fci| |ining
in:ice Ihe Lcx, Ihe hecI in:ice Ihe Lcx i:
- Ihe :un rcy: i: cL:crLec cnc ref|ecIec in
Ihe c|c:ec ccnIciner.
- Ihe mcre cirecI|y Ihe :un rcy: fcce: Ihe
:un, Ihe mcre hecI i: gcinec.
- 8|cck pcper = cL:crLec :un |ighI.
- /|uminium fci| = ref|ecIing cnc cL:crLing
|ighI fc||cw: Ihe greenhcu:e effecI:.
eot |oss
- Ihere cre Ihree wcy: cf |c:ing hecI :
i. CcnvecIicn
ii. CcncucIicn
iii. FccicIicn
eot storoge
- Since Ihe :urfcce in:ice Ihe Lcx i:
higher Ihermc| in:u|cIcr, iI wi||
Ircn:fcrm Ihe :c|cr energy inIc
Ihermc| energy.
- Ihi: Ihermc| energy ccn Le kepI fcr
|cnger pericc cue Ic Ihe cen:e
mcIeric|: in:ice Ih Lcx.
- /|uminium fci| hc: higher hecI
- Le:: cc:I
- EnvircnmenI frienc|y
- Scve energy - wiIh nc fue| cre Leing
- Nc :mcke cre Leing prccucec.
- LimiIec Ic cn|y curing :unny :ec:cn.
- Icke: |cnger pericc Ic ccck.
- Le:: u:cL|e curing rciny ccy.