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Fuud reserving -
Burian seed.
1. lnvestigate the cuntent uf seed uf durian.
2. 1u determine the est way tu reserving
3. 1u kee the seed uf durian lung lasting
its freshness.
ln my investigatiun l want tu kee the freshness uf the
durian seed. 1here are su many sulutiuns ruvided such
as curn uil, salt, sugar, vinegar and alm uil. we have tu
luuk at the est sulvent that can maintain the freshness uf
the seed.
FYl, seed uf durian cuntained high caruhydrate in the
furm uf starch. Sumetimes, eule will make a starch
fluur instead uf using curn.
what l think will haen is that the durian seed
will remain its freshness when we suaked in the
salt and vinegar.
l think this will haen ecause salt and
vinegar is the est sulvent tu revent the gruwth
uf micruurganisms. Su, let's we check it uut the
way huw tu reserve the seed.
Cuttun wuul
Curn uil
Burian seed
i. Firstly, cut the seeds intu small size.
ii. ut intu each 5 different test tues.
iii. 1he first test tue - 5ml uf curn uil.
iv. 1he secund test tue - 5 suun uf salt.
v. 1he third test tue - sugar + salt + vinegar.
vi. 1he 4
test tue - 5 suun uf sugar.
vii. 1he 5
test tue - 5ml vinegar.
Mctloo ol rcscrvution Obscrvution
Curn il Bule gas resence
Salt 1he water is cluudy
Sugar + salt + vinegar Nuthing haened
Sugar Cuttuny white are furmed
vinegar 1he sulutiun water ecumes
1hruugh this exeriment, after carry uut with different
tyes uf sulvent, we have fuund uut that seed uf durian
are well reserve in the salt ecause the seed are still
fresh and in a guud cunditiun and there are nu
shrinking. Same gues tu the seed in vinegar sulutiun, its
will remain its freshness.
Buwever, we have tu identify the resence uf acteria and
micruurganisms in the sulvent ecause sumetimes the
acteria and fungus are resence in the sulutiun.
Coiou o| bacteria
liure . 1ue aar jiate |or testiu tue jreseuce o| bacteria iu tue eacu
eceiiium o|
liure ! . 1ue siide suovs tue jreseuce o| |uuus iu tue suar
1he seed in the salt water are remain its freshness
ecause salt cuncentratiun will cause the water in the
seed tu fluw uut y usmusis. Next, the micrues in the
seed will die due tu the differences uf water ressure.
ln vinegar, it can e a gudd reservatives that can
revent the gruwth uf micruuragnisms ecause uf its luw
B value. 1he micruurganisms cannut gruwth in the luw
B value.
ln cunclusiun, the est way in reservatives fuud
esecially seed uf durian is salt and vinegar. 1his is due
tu the aility tu revent the gruwth uf micruurganisms
and make the fuud ecumes lung lasting and maintain its