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Resplratlon and 0smoregulatlon ln Plants.

^Analogy ln 8clence 1eachlng

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The process at which the exchanging gas occurs between the plant cell and the
It occurs by diIIusion through stomata (leaI) and lenticels (woody stem).
The stomata oI most plants open when there is a light and closed in the dark.
The stomata are mostly Iound under the leaI.
ach stoma is surrounded by two guard cells.
Stomata can open and closed depending on environmental condition.
1he otture tI sttmata.
1he otture tI toenne and tItsne tI sttmata.
The control oI water uptake and loss due to rate oI transpiration.
This process are controlled by the opening and closing oI stomata and the xylem
Iunction as to transport water in plants.
When they are open, the stomata causes water loss to surrounding. Water in plants
become hypotonic.
This condition will cause the root to absorbed more water Irom the soil to balance
water contains in plant.
1he otture tI water uotaRe n oIant.
/aprarIon ot sromara In /Itterenr pIanrs.
icotyledonous plants : Stomata are Iound in the lower epidermis.
essert plants (cacti) : No. oI somata are greatly reduced. In extreme case the
leaves are modiIied to become pricks (thorn).
The structure oI stomata is modiIied and become sunken, they are Iound among
Iine hairs called trichome.
In Crussulacaea Iamily & certain cacti : Stomata open at night and close during a
naIogy ot osmoreguIarIon an/ respIrarIon
In pIanr.
pIanarIon ot anaIogy.
We analogy this process by a block oI school building.
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Puthwuy Stem
Stulrx Bnnt
Puthwuy nI
Actx ux
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Stnmutu Wlndnw
Ieuvex Cluxxrnnm
Ordered chulrx Pullxude cellx
Spnngy cellx
Bulcnny Ientlcelx
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When there is a light, the window will open Ior a process oI photosynthesis to
The process oI photosynthesis occurred at the tightly packed ordered chairs.
The gas oI O2 will enter the windows and pass through the loose spaces oI the
disordered chairs and tightly packed ordered chairs.
Ixplunutlnn nn rexplrutlnn nn pluntx.
The opening oI windows will cause the water loss to surrounding through
transpiration process.
This process keep continuing to balance the water content inside the plants.
Water moves Irom the stairs and goes to the pathway and the water will
distributed to the all classroom.
To balance the water in the school building, we must absorb more water Irom the
soil. Water is absorbed through the osmosis process.
It will cause the water in the classroom become hypotonic to the surrounding.
Ixplunutlnn nn nxmnregulutlnn ln pluntx.
In conclusion, the respiration is the process Ior exchanging gaseous through the
The guard cell will control the closing and opening oI stomata.
Osmoregulation is the control oI water uptake and loss in plants due to the rate oI
Byleraning oI our anology, we can improve our understanding about respiration
and osmoregulation in plants.