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Ankur uesal (2Cl08LC013)

Anlsha nayak (2Cl08LC014)
ueparLmenL of LlecLronlcs and CommunlcaLlon Lnglneerlng
CogLe lnsLlLuLe of 1echnology 8elgaum
D|fferent 1ypes of 1V
W Analog 1v
W ulglLal 1v
W Pu1v
na|og 1V
W 1he slgnal ls made of
conLlnually varylng radlo waves
LhaL Lhe 1v LranslaLes lnLo a
plcLure and sound An analog
slgnal can reach a persons 1v
over Lhe alr Lhrough a cable or
vla saLelllLe
W ConvenLlonal C81 seLs dlsplay
around 480 vlslble llnes of
W Analog plcLures are lnLerlaced
D|g|ta| 1V
W A dlglLal slgnal LransmlLs Lhe lnformaLlon for vldeo and sound as
ones and zeros lnsLead of as a wave
W 1he plcLure even when dlsplayed on a small 1v ls beLLer quallLy
W A dlglLal slgnal can supporL a hlgher resoluLlon so Lhe plcLure wlll
sLlll look good when shown on a larger 1v screen
W 1he vldeo can be progresslve raLher Lhan lnLerlaced Lhe screen
shows Lhe enLlre plcLure for every frame lnsLead of every oLher llne
of plxels
W 1v sLaLlons can broadcasL several slgnals uslng Lhe same bandwldLh
1hls ls called mulLlcasLlng
W lf broadcasLers choose Lo Lhey can lnclude lnLeracLlve conLenL or
addlLlonal lnformaLlon wlLh Lhe u1v slgnal
W lL can supporL hlghdeflnlLlon (Pu1v) broadcasLs
W PlghueflnlLlon 1elevlslon (Pu1v) ls vldeo LhaL has resoluLlon
subsLanLlally hlgher Lhan LhaL of LradlLlonal Lelevlslon sysLems
W Pu1v has one or Lwo mllllon plxels per frame roughly flve
Llmes LhaL of SLandard ueflnlLlon
W 04480
W 043
W 128020 (20p)
W 19201080(1080p)
D|fferent arameters
W AspecL 8aLlo
W lnLerlaced and rogresslve Scannlng
W vldeo 8esoluLlon
spect at|o
W 1he aspecL raLlo of an lmage
ls Lhe raLlo of Lhe wldLh of
Lhe lmage Lo lLs helghL
W SLandard Lelevlslon has a
43 aspecL raLlo lL ls four
unlLs wlde by Lhree unlLs
W Pu1v has a 19 aspecL
raLlo more llke a movle
nter|aced vs rogress|ve Scann|ng
W nter|aced Scann|ng lnLerlaclng dlvldes horlzonLal
llnes lnLo odd and even llnes and Lhen alLernaLely
refreshes Lhem aL 30 frames per second 1he sllghL
delay beLween odd and even llne refreshes creaLes
some dlsLorLlon or [aggedness 1hls ls because only
half Lhe llnes keeps up wlLh Lhe movlng lmage whlle
Lhe oLher half walLs Lo be refreshed
nter|aced vs rogress|ve Scann|ng
W rogress|ve Scann|ng
rogresslve scannlng as
opposed Lo lnLerlaced scans
Lhe enLlre plcLure llne by llne
every cycle ln oLher words
capLured lmages are noL spllL
lnLo separaLe flelds llke ln
lnLerlaced scannlng So Lhere
ls vlrLually no fllckerlng
W 1he sLandard resoluLlon (Su1v) wlll go up Lo
04 x 480 plxels 1he hlghesL Pu1v resoluLlon
ls 1920 x 1080 plxels Pu1v can dlsplay abouL
Len Llmes as many plxels as an analog 1v seL
D1V ecept|on
W n antenna uependlng on your locaLlon relaLlve
Lo Lhe sLaLlons you wanL Lo waLch a seL of rabblL
ears mlghL do buL you mlghL need a roofLop or
aLLlc anLenna ?ou can buy an anLenna LhaLs
speclally made for dlglLal slgnals buL any rellable
vPl/uPl anLenna wlll work
W ab|e keep ln mlnd LhaL dlglLal cable ls noL Lhe
same as Pu1v ?oull need Lo check wlLh your
provlder Lo deLermlne whlch packages lnclude
Pu1v sLaLlons ?oull also elLher need a seLLop
cable box or a CableCA8u` Lo allow your Lelevlslon
Lo recelve and decode Lhe cable slgnal
W Sate|||te serv|ce As wlLh cable check wlLh your
provlder Lo deLermlne whlch plans and sLaLlons use
Pu1v slgnals ?ou may need a dlfferenL saLelllLe
dlsh and Luner Lo recelve Pu1v slgnals vla saLelllLe
|ock D|agram of a D1V
Sate|||te D 1ransm|ss|on
W SaLelllLe servlce
provlders gaLher vldeo
slgnals from
programmlng sources
and Lhen beam Lhe
slgnals Lo an orblLlng
saLelllLe 1he saLelllLe
broadcasLs Lhe slgnals
back down Lo LarLh
?our saLelllLe dlsh acLs as
an anLenna capLurlng
Lhe slgnal and sendlng lL
Lo your seLLop box
Sate|||te D 1ransm|ss|on
W rogramm|ng sources are slmply Lhe channels LhaL provlde programmlng
for broadcasL 1he provlder doesnL creaLe orlglnal programmlng lLself lL
pays oLher companles (for example LSn) for Lhe rlghL Lo broadcasL Lhelr
conLenL vla saLelllLe ln Lhls way Lhe provlder ls klnd of llke a broker
beLween you and Lhe acLual programmlng sources (Cable 1v companles
work on Lhe same prlnclple)
W 1he broadcast center ls Lhe cenLral hub of Lhe sysLem AL Lhe broadcasL
cenLer Lhe 1v provlder recelves slgnals from varlous programmlng sources
and beams a broadcasL slgnal Lo saLelllLes ln geosynchronous orblL
W 1he sate|||tes recelve Lhe slgnals from Lhe broadcasL sLaLlon and
rebroadcasL Lhem Lo LarLh
W 1he vlewers d|sh plcks up Lhe slgnal from Lhe saLelllLe (or mulLlple
saLelllLes ln Lhe same parL of Lhe sky) and passes lL on Lo Lhe recelver ln
Lhe vlewers house
W 1he rece|ver processes Lhe slgnal and passes lL on Lo a 1v
Sate|||te D 1ransm|ss|on
W SaLelllLe sysLems compress vldeo
uslng Lhe MLC2 sLandard whlch
reduces vldeo slze by a facLor of
abouL 331
W lor Pu1v 1ransmlsslon ma[or
saLelllLe servlce provlders use Lhe
MLC4 compresslon sLandard 1hls
formaL ls more efflclenL Lhan MLC
2 and ls beLLer sulLed for complex
fasLmovlng lmages llke Lhose ln
sporLlng evenLs and acLlon movles
Sate|||te D ece|ver
SaLelllLe Pu recelvers are slmllar Lo sLandard seLLop boxes 1he vldeo slgnal
arrlves aL Lhe cusLomers dlsh and Lravels Lhrough a cable Lo Lhe recelver 1he
recelver has Lhree [obs
W Decrypt the s|gna| ln order Lo LhwarL wouldbe s|gna| th|eves (people
who use hacked dlshes and recelvers Lo sLeal saLelllLe servlce) saLelllLe
servlce provlders scramble Lelevlslon slgnals uslng encrypLlon codes 1he
companles sell or lease recelvers LhaL lnclude a chlp deslgned Lo decrypL
lncomlng slgnals 1hls way only cusLomers wlLh Lhe rlghL equlpmenL wlll
be able Lo vlew lncomlng slgnals
W Decompress the s|gna| Compresslon formaLs llke MLC4 make lL
posslble Lo LransporL an Pu slgnal from a provlder Lo a cusLomer
buL Lelevlslons canL lnLerpreL compressed slgnals 1he recelver musL
converL Lhe slgnal from MLC4 Lo lLs uncompressed sLaLe
W eed the s|gna| to the te|ev|s|on Cnce Lhe recelver decrypLs and
decompresses Lhe slgnal lL sends lL on Lo Lhe cusLomers Pu1v
dvantages of D1V
W 1he |ar|ty dvantage Pu1v offers an unbellevably clear plcLure because Lhe
slgnal ls Lransferred Lhrough a dlglLal slgnal 1here are 2 mllllon plxels dellvered
Lhrough Lhe dlglLal slgnal compared Lo less Lhan 300000 plxels dellvered Lhrough
analog slgnals 1hls can glve you a sharp and more preclse plcLure
W 1he W|de Screen |cture dvantage Pu1v provldes a wlder plcLure Lhan
LradlLlonal 1v Many Llmes movles on an analog 1v can look choppy and some of
Lhe screen mlghL even look llke lLs mlsslng someLhlng 8ecause Pu1vs have a
wlder screen Lhey flx Lhe choppy look LhaL movles used Lo have ln analog Movles
wlll flL beLLer and allow you Lo see Lhe orlglnal fllm as lL was seen ln LheaLers 1hls
lmprovemenL ln screen slze wlll glve you an enormous advanLage over analog 1v lL
glves you Lhe besL posslble screen LhaL really greaL movle LheaLers have
W 1he Do|by Sound dvantage Pu1v has a sound LhaL ls far
superlor Lo Lhe soundLrack of analog 1v 1he dlglLal slgnal
LranslaLes Lo a more reflned sound Lo Lhe human ear 1he
reflned sound of Pu1v orlglnaLes wlLh uolby Sound 1hls
glves you a sound quallLy LhaL no one LhoughL posslble Lwo
decades ago from a 1v
D|sadvantages of D1V
W ncreased ost Pu Lelevlslons are ofLen more expenslve
Lhan regular Lelevlslons
W dd|t|ona| Lqu|pment Pu Lelevlslons Lyplcally requlre an
PuMl cable Lo recelve a hlgh deflnlLlon slgnal or an Pu
Luner lf you are pulllng your slgnal ln from an anLenna new
SeL1op 8ox ls requlred for saLelllLe Pu u1P
W MosL Pu 1vs have a 19 (wldescreen) aspecL raLlo 1hls ls
wlder Lhan movles made before Lhe mld1930s When you
waLch Lhem a palr of black bars appear on elLher slde of
your screen
W Many shows arenL broadcasLed ln hlgh deflnlLlon lLs noL
posslble Lo Lake advanLage of Pu1v lf Lhe shows are noL
broadcasLed ln Pu
W hLLp//enwlklpedlaorg/wlkl/PlghdeflnlLlon_Lelevlslon
W hLLp//focusLlcom/docs/soluLlon/folders/prlnL/38hLml
W hLLp//elecLronlcshowsLuffworkscom/hdLvhLm
W hLLp//elecLronlcshowsLuffworkscom/dLvhLm
W hLLp//wwwyouLubecom/waLch?v[29b8CSnM