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APEX HRD MEETING 3rd May, 2010

Status update
Visit of MD, Rallis to share experience on employee engagement Scheduled twice in February and April but could not materialize We need not wait for the same Gallup Action plan for rest of the organization Suggested actions prepared It may be appropriate to share the findings along with suggested action plan to all Managers who will implement actions Actions are suggestive, respective functions may draw their actions based on specific functional needs

Plan for next survey

Concern Area
(A) Progress Discussion

Profit Centres Action

Wires Division Soft skill training on Feedback Improve feedback system (quality & delivery) Implement People development initiatives Well defined Career path Tubes Division Workshop on feedback skills. Supervisors: Scorecard for Supervisors: Pilot basis Workers: Shift wise production/ yield display FAMD Improve the implementation process and train Managers

Suggested Action
Strengthen Job Rotation & Career Planning initiatives for regular rotation of officers Coaching and Mentoring workshops for line managers Improve quality of feedback Start a small team workshop by sharing the gallup finding and involving people in small groups to discuss the work relations amongst themselves PMS Allow a free opinion from the superior and the sub ordiante about each other to flow


Concern Area
(B) Encourage Development

Profit Centre Action

Spending time with individual Officer every three month- Discuss career progression, compliance to PD plans. Quarterly performance and development plan compliance reviews & feedback by superiors, based on the inputs by the employee for mid course correction Greater exposure of officers to external programmes for Best practice/product exposure.

Suggested Action
Enhance coverage and compliance of 70-20-10 approach for learning and development Planned interaction of superior with individual officer at regular intervals Structured performance reviews Carry out CV enrichment of an employee viz. how much it can be done remaining in the organizational boundary

Concern Area ( C) Recognition

Profit Centre Action Regular one liner appreciating mailers. Celebrate success (having food, tea, snacks outside) Performance highlights of the month on the employee corner, share on e-mails, functional reviews. Positive customer feedback received proactive Increase frequency of appreciation, Spontaneity of recognition Timely feedback Diff strokes for diff folks Positive ways to share OFIs Genuine feedback to be given Have positive criticism)

Suggested Action Spontaneity of recognition of individuals Celebrate success within work-groups Public display of performance highlights for exemplary performance Ensure timely developmental feedback to individual officers

Concern Area Care

Profit Centre Action Positive Strokes Fun at Workplace Open Office Frequent visits of Sr. Leaders to Locations Create Subject experts Cluster Heads to allocate 30min every Saturday for personal level discussion with cluster members Weekly coffee meetings with officers Departmental Birthday celebration Family get-togethers

Suggested Action A process lab for self introspection Enable a culture which helps in improving relationship between the superior and the officer Incorporate the assessment of Tata Steel Values in Performance Management System to focus on appropriate behavior Create a database of individual concerns organization-wide through Employee Contact Program and find solutions to address them Regular review of individual development plan captured through 70-20-10 approach

Steps being taken

Share summary of Gallup findings to all Managers with suggested action plan and seek their views Respective functions to devise their actions as per their functional needs Implementation of actions Conduct survey by end of 2010 or early 2011