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Pawan Kumar Shourya Singh Sambhav Jain

Form of art that incorporates disturbing imagery, sound or smell. Critics dismiss it as a cultural pollution. The quickest kind of art that an artist can go into the business of making today

It is an increasingly marketable art. Since it creates a shocking experience for the viewer, it easily catches the attention. It attracts curators and makes headlines.

Fountain-Marcel Duchamp. Shoot-Chris Burden. Piss Christ-Andres Serrano. The physical impossibility of death in the mind of living someone-Damien Hirst. Myra-Marcus Harvey. 12 Square Meters- Zhang Chuan

By Marcel Duchamp in 1917 Fountain was voted the most influential artwork of the 20th century Submitted under the name R. Mutt in an exhibition where every submitted work would be displayed.

Article in the Blind Man the Richard mutt case-Whether Mr Mutt made the fountain with his own hands or not has no importance. He chose it. He took an article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view created a new thought for that object. Duchamp described his intent with the piece was to shift the focus of art from physical craft to intellectual interpretation

Was the artist equating modern art with a toilet fixture?-this was a question that popped into the judging panel of the exhibition therefore it was removed from the exhibition It was immoral, vulgar Plagiarism, a plain piece of plumbing

By Chris Burden. Was a performance artist. Idea of personal danger in artistic expression was central Exploited the most accessible raw material himself. Shot using a .22mm rifle from a distance of 5 metres.

Vietnam had a lot to do with Shoot. It was about the difference between how people reacted to soldiers being shot in Vietnam and how they reacted to fictional people being shot on commercial TV. There were guys my age getting shot up in Vietnam, you know? But then in nearly every single household, there were images of people being shot in TV dramas. The images are probably in the billions, right? Its just amazing. So, what does it mean not to avoid being shot, that is, by staying home or avoiding the war, but to face it head on? I was trying to question what it means to face that dragon

By Andres Serrano. Serrano submerged classical statuettes In various fluids like blood and milk. A small plastic crucifix which was submerged in a fluid. This fluid was the artists own urine. Artwork not intended to denounce religion. Winner of the South-eastern Centre for Contemporary Art's "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition

Serrano was accused of blasphemy. Major issue of artistic freedom. In the journal Arts & Opinion as "a clash between the interests of artists in freedom of expression on the one hand, and the hurt such artworks may cause to a section of the community on the other."

Artwork consists of a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde. Sold for 12 million dollars. Considered an iconic work of british art. Ny times-In keeping with the pieces title, the shark is simultaneously life and death incarnate in a way you dont quite grasp until you see it, suspended and silent, in its tank.

Art critic Robert Hughes used The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living as a prime example of how the international art market at the time was a "cultural obscenity. Hirst's response to those who said that anyone could have done this artwork was, "But you didn't, did you?.

By Marcus Harvey in 1995. Exhibited at sensation exhibition. Myra Hindley-Characterised by the press as "the most evil woman in Britain. She and Ian Brady were accused for killing of 5 children. Workwas made using cast of infants hand to build a mosaic of black ,grey and white fingerprints. Was sold for 11000 Euros.

In so far as it makes a point, it is that the image of Myra Hindley is made out of the bodies of murdered children - this is the function of constructing the image from children's handprints.

By Zhang Huan in 1994 Was a performance artist. Work-Covered himself in fish oil and honey and exposed himself to swarming flies and insects for several hours. Critics- interpreted it as a spotlight on the living conditions in Beijing's East Village and was a testament to minds ability to rise over horrible situation.

Used to gain publicity by the artist. for eg. Art is by definition something which is beautiful and shock art isnt considered beautiful by criticizers. Shock artists defend this by saying that Beauty lies in the truth. Works of artists like Damien Hirst which used animal corpses were criticized by animal right activists. Critics:Just being ironic, different and having an impact isnt enough to make something art. The ideas were seen as distasteful and disagreeable by the public, rather than interesting or inspirational.

Shock art isnt always bad art. Shock art should not be seen just for the visual appeal but also for the message its trying to convey. Shock art should not be viewed like traditional art. There is no genuinely correct answer whether Shock Art should be classed as Art This is because art is subjective. What is a remarkable piece of art to one person may merely be a piece of rubbish to another. The true measure of the artistic worth of anything is personal.

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