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Introduction. Goal Mission. Vision Management. Marketing. Service. Finance. Conclusion



After the liberation of Bangladesh Bus service or Bus transportation is most familiar or common transport service to the people. Now at present days bus services covers 70% transportation system in Dhaka city. Dhaka city is the most populous mega city than other city. As the increasing population, transport system is not increased in this rate. So there is shortage in transport system. Bus service can cover 90% of transport shortages. There are many private bus services runs across the city and BRTC (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) also runs bus services across the city. But they are not sufficient to meet the demand. For that we come to meet up the transport demand in Dhaka City.


Our goal is to achieve the top position in the transportation system in Dhaka City. In 2015 we will be the leader of Bus transportation service in Dhaka City. We will capture maximum share of transportation market in Dhaka city.


Our mission is to serve our customer at maximum at our best. We will be the leader of transportation sectors in next few years. We will gain maximum profit by providing our best services.


Our vision is to maximize profit by providing our best services and minimizing the cost as well as environment pollution.


Chairman. Director. (Service) Route Supervisor Road Supervisor Bus Supervisor. Checker. Ticket Counter Man. Driver. Director. (Finance) Director. (Management) Director. (Marketing) Advertising Manager

Route Supervisor. Ticket Cashier.



Problem Identification.

There are many problems in transportation sector. The Problems areInefficient Drivers. Political Instability. Corruption in transportation sector. Narrow Road. Traffic Jam. Lacking of maintenance. Corruption among the stuff.

SWOT Analysis.

Familiar and popular transportation media. Cheapest mode of transportation. Government Promotion. Biggest mode of transportation. Biggest Industry. Most familiar public transport. Rapid increasing investment industry.

Political Instability. Inefficient Drivers. Corruption among traffic police. Narrow road. Corruption among bus stuff. Traffic Jam. Lacking of maintenance.

SWOT Analysis.

Be a biggest economic sector. Creation of employment. Rapid growth of industry. More profitable sector.

Political Instability. Corruption. Acute traffic jam. More narrow road. Vehicle Demolishes. Activity of labor union.

Competition Analysis.

Key Competitors:

In transportation sector Bus service plays a vital role. There are many private and public bus service providers runs across the Dhaka city. But they are not sufficient in this sector. We have to compete with both private and public bus service providers to run our service oriented business.

Competition Analysis.

Competitors Position In Market:

In private sector there are many bus service providers in across the Dhaka city. BRTC (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) a government owned bus service provider in Dhaka city.

Marketing Research.

Marketing Research.
Appropriate Target Market: The main target market is our general people. We serve our general people, so our appropriate target market is our general people who uses bus service daily.

Marketing Segmentation.

ii. iii.

Marketing segmentation means dividing the market in to three parts. The segmented parts are: School Going Children. Office Going People. General Traveler.


iii. iv. v.


Ways Of Advertising: Newspaper. Body Of The Bus. Leaflet. Wall advertising. Billboard. Television. Website.

Our Services.

Our Services.

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Our bus services mainly divided in mainly five divisionsMinibus Service. School Bus Service. Office Bus Service. Passenger Bus Service. Double Decker Service.

Minibus Service.

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Minibus service is new concept in Dhaka city. As there are many local minibuses runs across the city but their service is so low. Its features areGait lock system. Completely AC bus. Comfortable seats. Good speed. CNG converted bus. Well equipped bus. Less black smoke. Harmless Horn. Single Door Bus

School Bus Service.

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v. vi.

School bus is now popular mode of transportation among school going children's and guardians. Its features areTrained Drivers. Rent or contract service. Comfortable seats. Ensures full security of children's. Runs in CNG. Environment favorable bus.

Office Bus Service.

i. ii. iii. iv. v.

Many companies uses their own office buses. We provide our services to the office employees. Its features areRent or contract service. Well trained drivers. Runs in CNG. Comfortable Seats. AC converted bus.

Passenger Bus Service.

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix.

Passenger bus is most common form of transportation system in Dhaka City. Its features areOpen system. CNG converted bus. 60-80 Seats. Comfortable seats. People can visit as well as sitting and standing. Wide space between seats. Trained Drivers. Environment favorable bus. Double Doors Bus.

Double Decker Bus Service.

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix.

Double Decker service in private sector is completely new In Dhaka City. Its features are120-150 seats. 180 Capacity. Comfortable seats. Double Door bus. Sitting and standing both capacity. Good Tires. Well furnished bus. Runs In CNG. Trained Drivers.

Bus Services in Dhaka City.

i. ii.

In Dhaka there are two types of bus services are running. Such asPrivate local bus services. BRTC( Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) bus services. It is Govt. owned bus service.

Private Local Bus Services.

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v. vi. vii.


In private local bus services is another mode of transportation in Dhaka city. Their services is hereMaximum buses are crap. Runs with diesel. Harmful For Environment. Inefficient Drivers. No Management. Poor and Dirty seat. Small space. Fall accident regularly.

BRTC Running Bus Service.

BRTC (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) Govt. owned bus service. Its service is hereBRTC runs two types of bus services Double Decker and passenger bus. Now services of BRTC is quite good. The number of buses is very poor. Corruption and corrupted management.





Ticketing System.

Ticketing System.

Electronic Ticketing System:

Electronic Ticketing system will use in big passenger buses. It is more transparent ticketing system. It keeps every records of tickets. It will be used inside every buses. Conductors are used here as ticket counter man.






Ticketing System.

Counter Ticketing System:

Counter ticketing system is more popular ticketing system. It is also an electronic ticketing system. Minibus and double Decker will use it. Customers stands in a row, cut tickets and sit in the bus.





Bus Wheels

Bus wheels are the main element of passenger bus. These wheels are completely made by extra long tires. These types of tires are made specially in China. They have a long duration of journey.


Seats are the essential part of bus services. Our main service of buses seats are completely made with lather and foam. This will be more comfortable to us. We use here first class foam and lather. It is also water proven seat. Here people can seat comfortably and can enjoy their journey.

Bus Driver.

We always believe that a comfortable and secure journey is mostly depends on trained drivers. So we use our trained drivers in every buses. We specially trained our drivers by our experts.


i. ii.

We buy buses from two well known manufacturers. They areTATA Automobiles. Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co, Ltd.

Bus Routes.

i. ii. iii.

We will divide our routes according to the sizes of our bus services. The routes areMinibus Route. Passenger bus route. Double Decker bus route.

Minibus Service Route.

i. ii.

Our Minibus service route isUttara- Motijheel-Mirpur. Khilgaon- Gulshan (1,2)Cantonment.

Passenger Bus Service Route.

Our passenger bus service route isI. Uttara- Azimpur. Via- Airport, Kuril, Baridhara, badda, Rampura, Malibagh, Kakrail, Shahabagh, Elephant Road, Science Lab, Nilkhet, Azimpur.

Double Decker Bus Service Route.

Our double Decker bus service isMotijheel- Mohammadpur.


Via- Gulistan, Press Club, Shahabagh, Elephant Road, science Lab, City College, Jhigatala, Dhanmindi-15, Shankar, Mohammadpur. ii. Press Club- Savar, Nabinagar. Via- Shahbagh, Firmgate, Bijay Sharani, Sheorapara, Senpara, Mirpur 10,2,1, Technical, Hemayetpur, Savar, Nabinagar.


Aspects Of Financial analysis.

Cost Of The Project. Financing Plan and Loan Requirement. Security For Loan. Loan Graph. Bus Fare. Projected Income Statement.

Cost Of The Project.

Capital Requirement:
Land Building Owners Equity Buses: Minibus (1700000*6) Passenger Bus (2000000*4) 8000000 Double Decker (2200000*4) 8800000 Total Fixed Assets: 3500000 2500000 2000000 10200000




35000000 12000 25000

Pre-operating Expenses:
Registration Fee Route Permit (5000*5) 35037000

Working Capital:
Vat Tax Freight Total Working Capital 1520000 470000 1675000 3665000

Total Cost Of The Project:


Financing Plan And Loan Requirement.

Fixed Capital:

Owners Equity
2500000 2000000



Building Share Capital

8000000 27000000 27000000 37000 3665000 3665000

Pre-Operating Expenses Working Capital






Security For Loan.

Our security against loan is given below:

Building-Present value is 60,00,000 Land- Present Value is 1,50,00,000



Loan Graph.



Owners Equity


Projected Income Statement.

Service Revenue


350000 1012500
1922500 1127500

Year-3 Year-4 Year-5

390000 1012500
2026500 1353500


3578000 3696800
406000 1012500
2068100 1509900

Less: Administrative ExpensesTicket Expenses 250000 Salary: 675000 Total Operating Expenses: 1325000 Gross Profit: 1175000 Less: Financial Expenses 25000 Depreciation 60000 Earning Before Tax: 1090000 Taxation 130800 Profit After Tax 959200

412400 1012500
2084740 1612060

32500 99000
996000 119520 876480

34750 124350
1194400 143328 1051072

35425 140827

35627 151537

1333648 1424895 160037 170987 1173610 1253907

Bus Fare

Our bus fare will be same as the fare chart of BRTA. When BRTA changes its bus fare we definitely change it. We assure that we never take a single coin more or less that the amount of bus fare.


Golden Gate Bus Service is inter district bus service. It runs only across the Dhaka City. We try our best to serve our customers a best and suitable journey.