Company “MyIdea.

(Introduction Phrase / tag line)

Introduction  Market Opportunity  Solution Value Proposition  Competitive Positioning  Team  Growth Plans  Go-to-market Plan  Current Status  Investment Opportunity

The problem we solve  The customers who will buy  How is the company unique  What is your edge in building this company  Why will you win

[Open with a quick summary of the problem, pain, solution and your expertise]

Market Background
What are the key trends and drivers in this sector  Explain the need/pain  External validation to support assumptions

B6 $A6 B5 Market Value in $ $A4 B4 B3 B2 B1 0 2003 2004 2005 Years 2006 2007 2008 $A1 $A2 $A3 $A5

Market Need in detail

Consumer / Customer Needs Unmet
   

Need Need Need Need

1 2 3 met inefficiently 4 met not completely

 

Why these needs are important Why are they perceived to be of value

Value Proposition

Explain your solution in detail

Solution Unique approach
Technology / Process Advantage (IP, Best practices etc.)  Other unique aspects – Business model etc.

Present technology or architecture of the product if appropriate  Point out what is unique to your approach  Consumer / Customer Value Proposition

Benefits to end customer

MyIdea’s Competitive Positioning

Competitive Landscape
 

Current competition Other players in the ecosystem – potential partners / competitors

MyIdea’s Solution - Positioning
 

Unique Selling propositions Barriers to Entry

MyIdea Team – Org Structure
Name Founder / CEO

Name Exec VP Sales & Biz Dev

Name Exec VP Products

Name Founder, Exec VP Corporate Strategy

New Hire* COO

Name CFO

Name Dir of Sales & Channel mgmt

Name Dir of Product Development

Name Dir of Operations (US)

New Hire Dir of Operations (India)

Name Dir HR & Admin

Team : Leadership


Founder & CEO: Name

Univ 1 - PG, Univ 2 - Grad; Company 1 - CEO, Company 2 - VP, Company 3 - Dir Univ 1 - PG, Univ 2 - Grad; Company 1 - VP, Company 2 - Dir, Company 3 - Dir Univ 1 - PG, Univ 2 - Grad; Company 1 - VP, Company 2 - Dir, Company 3 - Dir Univ 1 - PG, Univ 2 - Grad; Company 1 - CFO, Company 2 - Dir, Company 3 – Dir

VP, Sales & Marketing: Name

VP, Engineering: Name

CFO: Name

 

Deep domain expertise, experience in industry area of focus Gaps in Leadership to be filled

Growth Plans

Key metrics to measure success of the company

Number of customers, number of downloads, number of advertisers, number of units shipped,..

Show 3 year annual plan that captures the revenue and expense in the context of the key growth metrics  The key milestones the company needs to achieve

X’s Go-to-market Plan
Focus market segment, geography  Launch initiatives  First market – operational, sales targets  Risks and challenges

X’s Sales and Marketing Plan

What are the ways to market to these target segments – direct, channel etc.

 

How do we sell to these market segments
  

What are the professional organizations, seminars and trade conferences that are noteworthy in this market sector? How can you participate? Who are potential strategic partners to market jointly with – that have complementary synergistic offerings Who are potentially important people in this industry that can add valuable advisory expertise and lend credibility for your offering What are advertising opportunities that align well with the brand and positioning of MyIdea Lead Generation: Direct marketing, campaigns, partnerships etc. Which areas of the market, geographies need more coverage What skills do we need in a salesperson

Current Status

Market traction
 

Revenues, users, customers, awards, PR Customer pipeline, LoIs Product Development Status Scaling and operations current metrics

 

Employees  Partnerships

Contracts, LoIs

Investment Opportunity
Seeking to raise $C in funding as Series X  What you look for in a VC?  Source / Use of Funds  Funding Milestones  Exits / RoI

 

PE, Exit valuations of comparables Likely acquirers / IPO potential

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