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Amity Business School

Amity Business School

MBA General ( II Semester )


Course Code: MBA 203

Credit Units: 03

Amity Business School

Objective of the Course An understanding of the principles of international Business and how they apply in different cultural, economic and organizational contexts To help the students to understand the complexities, risks and opportunities of international business and provide a global perspective on international trade, including foreign investments, impact of financial markets, international marketing, and the operation of MNCs An ability to explain and interpret international marketing practice An understanding of global markets and the challenges they present to marketing practice

Contents of the Course Business School Amity

Module I : ( 4 Hours)

Globalization & Multinational Corporations

Module II: Introduction to International Trade (6Hours)

Module III: International Business Environment ( 6 Hours)

Module IV: Introduction to International Financial Systems ( 6 Hours)

Module V: Introduction to International Business Practices ( 4 Hours) Project Presentation 4 hours

Amity Business School

Text & References

Keegan Warren & Bhargava Naval (2011), Global Marketing Management, Pearson Education India Cateora Philip, Graham John & Salwan Prashant (2010), International Marketing, Mc Graw Hill Paul Justin & Kapoor Ramneek (2010), International Marketing, McGraw Hill Joshi Rakesh Mohan (2009), International Business, Oxford Higher Education Vasudeva PK (2010), International Marketing, Excel Books

Amity Business School

Evaluation Criteria Total Internal Marks :30 marks ( 25 + 5 Attd.)

Components Project Codes Weightage

Assignment Mid term 5 10


Date Planned

20th Feb5th March

According to the schedule

5th -15th March 2012

Amity Business School

Identify any two companies one domestic and one International of your choice , analyze various marketing strategies adopted by them to target International markets. A detailed study on the rationale for going to rural markets, Opportunities available, Challenges faced by the marketers in rural markets, differences in urban-rural markets, of the given company/industry/product. Develop a model by providing a feasibility report for setting up a company dealing in particular product line. Expected Outcome: Students would come to know the way how do marketers collect the information, then analyze and interpret from given information, certain findings and conclusions which are considered as basis of decision making by the organizations

Amity Business School

The project specified in the session plan shall be allotted to the groups comprising 3/4 students and shall be making presentation of 12-15 minutes, as per the plan. Besides this, the students are expected to prepare themselves on the topics regularly for the forthcoming sessions. This shall facilitate in organizing sessions using varied pedagogical tools.
Note: Last date of the submission of the assignment is 20th August 2011.

Amity Business School

Guidelines to the Students

Discussion on Case studies as applicable would be done. Prior reading of the text is suggested