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Exhibition is a display of goods, work of arts, or other objects in a specific

The project would attempt to design a Social space for all kind of Industrialist and Investors to come under a common roof. Its a social gathering space where they can interact and play their role in the development of not only themselves but also the country. Another aim of this project is to eliminate the anti social activities and channelize peoples in constructive activities for the betterment of society. It is also act like an institute to develop the skills for the people surrounding there and become the part of the society.


place and generally for a specific length of time. In strict usage an exhibition is display of such products for a short period. Exposition:
Exposition is an organized public fair or display of industry and artistic productions, design usually to promote trade and to reflect cultural progress. It is for a longer period and usually on a larger scale. What is EXPO?: EXPO is the most powerful analytics and decision support platform available today for professional traders, analysts, and portfolio managers. The growth in popularity of EXPO has paralleled the rise in use of derivatives products in the financial markets and the corresponding need for advanced math and statistical capabilities for pricing and decision support.

Sialkot City:
Introduction: Sialkot is a situated in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located near Indo-Pak border, about 125 k.m from Lahore, the capital of Punjab. The city is famous for being the birthplace of Allama Iqbal.

Geography and climate:

Lying between 3230 North latitude and 7431 East longitude at an altitude of 256 m above sea level, Sialkot is bounded on the north by Jammu, north-west by Gujarat, on the west by Gujranwala and on the south by Narowal.

The Project:
The choice of my thesis is project is Exposition Complex in the industrial hub of Sialkot city Pakistan. Sialkot need a platform, where they can demonstrated there product at both nation and international levels, where the product can be displayed and which can take local and international buyers close to each others. Therefore I plan to design a facility where they can be exhibited with standard according to the need of time.

Economy and Industry:

Sialkot is the Third Largest Economic Hub in Punjab after Lahore and Faisalabad. It is commercially linked with the Lahore Stock Exchange through its Sialkot branch, known as the Sialkot Trading Floor (STF). The State Bank of Pakistan and the Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan has branch offices in Sialkot. After Karachi, Sialkot is Pakistan's second largest source of foreign exchange earnings through its exports and remittances from the overseas manpower. For the past several decades, the manufacturers and exporters of the city have been awarded the annual National Exports Award by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Significance of the project:

The main objective of the project is to provide a permanent multifunctional space for exhibitions, shows, conference, conventions, presentations, workshops and particularly recreational facilities.

Background of the Project:

The need of a building in Sialkot to High-Light the product of the area and the Industry of Sialkot need a building where they can show off their product with the mutual understanding of the other three cities. And the most important thing is that they dont have any Land mark in Sialkot, so they need a land mark which will be the land mark of Sialkot city in future.

Important Industries in Sialkot:

Important industries in Sialkot include, Leather Tanneries, Leather Garments, Musical Instruments, Surgical and Dental Instruments, Sportswear including Martial Arts wear, Gloves, Badges, Seat and Walking Sticks, Cutlery, Hunting Knives Air Guns Shot guns: These are all export-oriented businesses and earn billions of dollars every year in foreign exchange. There are several other allied industries which are working day and night. Automobile, Wooden and Steel Furniture, Rubber Products, Cooking Utensils, Bicycles, Shoes

Expo Centre in Sialkot:

Expo Center is a major event venue, the economic and financial centre of any country and of any city. The expo centre is famous for its trade events that provide a perfect opportunity for buyers and sellers to interact between themselves.