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market share. It involves (inbound focused) and product marketing (outbound-focused).PRODUCT MANAGEMENT • Product management is an organizational lifecycle function within a company dealing with the planning. • • . and profit margins. The role of product management spans many activities from strategic to tactical and varies based on the organizational structure of the company. and marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle. forecasting. which are different yet complementary efforts with the objective of maximizing sales revenues.

• • • . and the choice of quality-conscious consumers Olpers milk is with 3.5 % fat and 8. 2006 Olper’s milk is EFL’s standardized and homogenized pure UHT (Ultra heat treated) It is EFL’s premier brand.9 % solid non-fats It is available in easy-to-open. 6layered Tetra Pak Brick Aseptic red packaging and comes with a 3 months shelf life.OLPER’S MILK • • Launched on March 20.

consisting of food technologists working at the collection centers and veterinary doctors providing service to the farmers. Ascertaining the freshness of milk all across the milk procurement process. Ensuring regular collection of fresh and pure milk right from the farmer to the factory. • • .MILK PROCUREMENT • It is the responsibility of Milk Procurement department.

• . making it one of the largest in the country. Professionally qualified human resource efficiently works night and day to maintain highest hygiene standards. The state of the art plant set up near Sukkhar has a processing capacity of more than 300.PRODUCTION • • Modern technology is part and parcel of Production at Engro Foods.000 liters of milk per day.

has the third-generation UHT milk plant in the country EFL plant is using Bactofuge technology to virtually eliminate bacteria and ensure premium quality and hygiene Moreover. • . it is also setting up another milk processing plant in Central Punjab (Sahiwal) with an investment of Rs.THE THIRD GENERATION PLANT • • EFL only. 2 billion (US $ 33 million).

.QUALITY ASSURANCE • Quality Assurance is strictly followed in Engro Foods • Qualified food technologists at this department ensure that highest quality parameters are adhered to through all steps of production and that the products reach the consumers as per promise.

PACKAGING • • EFL is dependent upon Tetra Pak for the packaging of its entire dairy products Tetra Pak is the only option available to Olper’s for packaging because it is having monopoly in the packaging sector in Pakistan Due to this reason. Tetra Pak can charge them higher and it could increase the production costs. • .

• • • . EFL’s 34 out of 40 milk-collection centers are located in Punjab. and also increases the chances of milk getting spoiled because of increased travelling time. is done by supply and distribution department. whereas its only milk processing facility is situated near Sukkhur (Sindh) It increases the milk collection & distribution costs.SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION • Timely and effective distribution of the products to different shops and stores spread all across Pakistan From transportation management to obtaining route permits and approvals.

These brands have been in the milk industry far too long and have left a mark in the minds of consumers in terms of quality Competition seems to be getting tougher as a result of new players entering the dairy market.COMPETITION • For Olper’s it might be difficult to penetrate in a market where the loyalties exist for such brands as Nestle and Haleeb. • • .

SHIPPING UNITS • • • 1 Liter (1000 ml ) : 12 packs per carton ½ Liter (500 ml) : 12 packs per shrink-wrapped tray ¼ Liter (250 ml) : 27 packs per shrink-wrapped tray .

2006 and comes in 6layered Tetra Pak Brick aseptic purple color packaging with 6 months shelf life. .OLPERS CREAM • • • • • The premium cream processed hygienically from pure fresh milk Olper’s Cream is luxuriously rich in its thickness & nutritional value It promises the richest & scrumptious assortment of tempting toppings delicious desserts and creamiest coffee with its unique taste It was launched on September.


SHIPPING UNITS • ¼ Liter (250 ml) : 27 packs per shrink-wrapped tray .

2006 Olwell is a low-fat. it comes with a 3 months shelf life .OLWELL HI-CAL LO FAT(HCFL) MILK • • • • • Launched on December 15. which prevents osteoporosis. high-calcium milk with the richness of pure milk It is an ideal choice for weight-watchers and heart patients It is also high in calcium content.


print ads. This can be gauged from the fact that Nestle re-launched its product packaging and marketing campaign just before Olper’s launch • • .ADVERTISEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION • Olper’s launch was. the competition seems to be getting tougher. Due to this aggressive marketing campaign. billboards and plenty of BTL (below the line) activities including direct consumer and shop branding activities. perhaps one of the most aggressive as far as processed liquid milk (PLM) is concerned. with TVCs. radio commercials.


especially for those who live life to the fullest. The brand has been positioned as an all purpose milk that is meant for everyone. hence its tag line. “jo dil khol kay jeetay hain unheen kay liyay hai Olper’s” .TAG LINES • • The unique selling proposition for Olper’s WAS: Subah Bakhair Zindagi .

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