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How does food help to keep my body healthy?
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The Three Food Groups

Go Foods Glow Foods



Grow Foods

Diagram Showing Food Groups

Answer at least 3 questions based on the lesson.Objectives At the end of this lesson Grade 3G students should be able to: 1. Evaluate the importance of nutrition in keeping them healthy 3. Design a balance diet dinner chart menu to 80% accuracy 4. glow and grow foods by giving 2-3 examples of each category 2. Differentiate go. Back Go .

bread. Return to Slide 2 Next . They provides our bodies with the energy we need to run. jump and cycle. pasta and rice give us energy to get up and go.Go Foods These are foods that give us energy. swim. potatoes. Breakfast cereal.

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The glow foods that are best for keeping our eyes healthy are ones that are orange or dark green.Glow Foods These include fruits and vegetables that help our skin glow. eyes sparkle and hair look shiny and healthy. Return to Slide 2 Next .

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Grow foods contain protein. a nutrient which is important when you are growing or when you need to repair a wound or injury.Return to Slide 2 Next Grow Foods help us grow strong bones and muscle. .

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Food Group Diagram Go Foods Glow Foods Grow Foods bread margarine dumpling sweet potato Bun yam carrot cabbage lettuce Irish potato grape pineapple cheese milk yogurt peanuts peas chicken Previous Next .

giraffe C.Quiz Question 1 A word that has the same ‘g’ sound as in ‘go’ is __________. gum B. A. gender .

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False . True B. A.Question 2 A balanced diet is one that provides the right balance of nutrients to help the body to grow and be active.

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False B. A.Question 3 Food is important because it keeps our body healthy. True Previous Page .

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Back Go Question 4 Which of the following is a grow food? .

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egg. 8 B. carrot. A. beans. flour.Question 5 How many glow foods are listed below? Ripe banana. 5 . callaloo. tomato. apple. 3 C.

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Which food group do I belong to? A. Glow Food B. Grow Food Return Go .Question 6 I am lettuce. Go Food C.

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