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Integrated Marketing Communications

Promotional Strategy
Promotional Strategy
A plan for the optimal use of the elements of promotion:
Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Personal Selling Direct/Interactive

Competitive Advantage


Communication that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product to influence an opinion or elicit a response.

Goals and Tasks of Promotion

Informative Objective
Increase awareness Explain how product works Suggest new uses Build company image

Goals and Tasks of Promotion

Persuasion Objective
Encourage brand switching Change customers perception of product attributes Influence buying decision Persuade customers to call

Goals and Tasks of Promotion

Reminder Objective
Remind customers that product may be needed Remind customers where to buy product

Maintain customer awareness

Marketing Communication
Categories of Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Mass Communication

New Trend Old Trend

The Changing Communications Environment

Marketers Have Shifted Away From Mass Marketing Less Broadcasting
Two Factors are Changing the Face of Todays Marketing Communications: Improvements in Information Technology Has Led to Segmented Marketing More Narrowcasting

Marketing Communications (Promotional) Mix

Advertising Personal Selling
Any Paid Form of Nonpersonal Presentation by an Identified Sponsor.
Personal Presentations by a Firms Sales Force. Short-term Incentives to Encourage Sales. Building Good Relations with Various Publics by Obtaining Favorable Publicity. Direct Communications With Individuals to Obtain an Immediate Response.

Sales Promotion Public Relations Interactive Mktg

Promotional Mix Characteristics

But Dont Forget

Products Design Price Shape and color of its package Stores that sell the product All must be coordinated with the promotional mix for maximum impact among your target audience

Goal: Deliver a Clear, Consistent, Compelling Message

Personal Selling

Sales Promotion

Public Relations Interactive Marketing

IMC Programs
Ad Age Fact Pack
Sara Lee (Levesque Design)

The Communication Process



Encoding Message

Message Channel

Decoding Message


Message Channel

Online Enter Site, Havin Fun, i am asian

The Communication Process

Communication: The process by which we exchange or share meanings through a common set of symbols Sender: Originator of the message Encoding: The conversion of senders ideas into a message, usually in the form of word or signs


Factors Affecting Promotional Mix

Nature of the product
Business vs. Consumer Costs and risks of product

Stage in the PLC Target market characteristics

Location of customers Informed or not informed Repeat or new customers

Type of buying decision Budget Push vs. Pull Consumer Involvement with the Message (AIDA)

Visual of Factors Affecting Promo Mix

Stage in the PLC

PLC Stages: Introduction Early Growth

PLC Stages: Maturity

Target Audience

PLC Stages: Growth Maturity


Product Life Cycle and the Promotional Mix

Sales ($)
Maturity Introduction Growth Decline

Light Heavy use of Advertising, advertising, prePR for introduction awareness; Publicity sales promotion for trial Advertising, PR, Brand loyalty Personal Selling for distribution Ads decrease. Sales Promotion, Personal Selling Reminder & Persuasive AD/PR decrease Limited Sales Promotion, Personal Selling for distribution

Type of Buying Decision

Advertising Sales Promotion Advertising Public Relations

Type of Buying Decision affects Promotional Mix Choice

Not Routine or Complex


Personal Selling

Push versus Pull Strategies

Trade Promotions & Sales Force

Retail Promotions

Consumer Promotions


Push and Pull Strategies

Manufacturer promotes to wholesaler Wholesaler promotes to retailer Retailer promotes to consumer Consumer buys from retailer

Orders to manufacturer

Manufacturer promotes to consumer Consumer demands product from retailer Retailer demands product from wholesaler Wholesaler demands product from manufacturer

Orders to manufacturer

Pull Strategy

AIDA Concept
AIDA Concept
Model that outlines the process for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message.

The AIDA Concept


Interest Attention

Conative (doing)

Affective (feeling)

Cognitive (thinking)

AIDA Concept
Attention Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Personal Selling
Very effective Somewhat effective Not effective




Communication Effectiveness
Personal selling Effectiveness

Sales promotion Sponsorships Adv. P.R.

Attention Interest Desire Action