Topic HR Policies of Standard Chartered Presented By Sheraz Nasir Vinod Kumar

   Standard Chartered Bank (Pvt. Its a multinational financial services company with headquarters based in London. Ltd) name comes in 1969 by the uniting of two banks the Chartered banking concern of Republic of India Australia and China and Standard banking concern of British people South Africa. . United Kingdom Standard Chartered is the worlds leading emerging markets bank employing around 80.000 people and has more than 1700 branches.

. Mission Statement: To create exceeding value for our clients investors and staff done market leading in providing innovative shariah law complaints products and answer and by adopting and living our core belief.Vision Statement: To be the desired provider of Islamic financial products in the market.

6. HRM practices have shown to be valuable to any company’s success. 2. It challenges the business regarding size in the global market. 5. The commonly HR activities include the following: HR Planning Recruiting Selection Training and Development Compensation Performance Management Employee Relations . 7. 4. 3. 1.

Forecasting is the major function of the SC bank’s HR department. 2. 3. The forecasting activities include: Workforce numbers Likely changes to the work of the bank impact on budgets and funding. human resource planning involves forecasting the numbers of people. Standard Chartered has policies & practices that provide for a safe and healthy working environment.   1. At Standard Chartered Bank . .

  “Development is critical to our future business success. To develop our people is to invest in our future”. Training provides a consistent standard of management learning throughout Standard Chartered . Our bank’s performance will only continue to improve if we develop our people . The Initial Two Years Training Standard Chartered gives initially 2 years training to their employees which include: .

Long Term Training  After this initial training. business-related studies and professional qualifications.  The bank also offers the opportunity to develop skills through externally accredited courses.   The processes that introduces the new entrant to the bank Training in specific products or technical skills. . Doing a job in a particular department for a period of time. the employees are faced with internal development programs.

Orientation   Every staff member joining Standard Chartered Bank has to attend a 2-day comprehensive orientation to get a feel about the Bank and its business. cash product training. .  It helps the staff to learn more about the products that the Bank is providing. operational training etc.g. Product Training  Product training is provided e. This orientation program provides a good chance to meet with seniors and to build up the team spirit.

 On-job training opportunities and job rotation provided to increase staff’s exposure .Skill Training  The bank provides a lot of skill related training e. credit workshop.g. sales & negotiation skills . On-job Training  Staff members are continuously involved in the learning process in the form of on-job training . project management and etc to help staff enhance their skill in particular aspects. .

the employees are given strategic perspectives and business goals management skills Specific Competency Training  Specific Competence Training is given to ensure that the staff excels in product knowledge and unique techniques needed for the particular position .Management Development Training  In this training program.

Recruitment Criteria  Standard Chartered Bank recruits the most talented individuals from the external market  Their Human Resources department provides guidance  150 graduates are recruited each year on a management trainee program on the basis of psychometric tests . .

regardless of gender . They are committed to providing equality of opportunity to all employees. race . ethnic origin . or marital status They are committed not just for providing equality of opportunity to all employee . disability . skills and talent. age .   Standard Chartered selects employee based on knowledge.nationality . but also identifying what unique strengths each individual brings .

. They are concerned not only about the physical health of their employees . Standard Chartered has policies & practices that provide for a safe and healthy working environment.   Standard Chartered Bank believes that the health and well-being of their employees and their families is important. but also their mental and emotional well.being.

They regularly conduct salary surveys to ensure that the reward package remains competitive in the market place.    Reward policy motivates employees to focus on business and personal objectives. They give rewards on the basis that 'how' an individual has achieved an objective. as well as 'what' has been achieved. . Standard Chartered Bank aims to reward the talented and high performing employees competitively. deliver and sustain outstanding performance .

5. These include: Spot Award + Rs. 4. 5000 as cash prize Surprise Award Best Performer Award Service Quality Award YES( Year of Excellent Services) Award . The bank also provides various incentives in the form of bonuses to encourage the employees and motivate them to continue with their high performance. 3. 2. 1.

They have extensive knowledge of the job requirements . managers are the only and most vital source of performance information. . Source for Performance Information  In case of Standard Chartered Bank .Purpose of performance appraisal  There are a number of reason for carrying out the performance appraisal of employees such as promotion. transfer etc.


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