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“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy.”

• Beer packed in 650,750 & 1000 ml glass bottles; usage of (330 ml) cans minimal • Preference in the Indian market for strong beer (40 – 55%) • major reliance on surrogate advertising to communicate with the target audience. • 85% of all drinkers are male

Stocking of raw material. Distribution & Pricing. Production. Advertising.Regulatory environment • The Indian market is highly regulated. Retailing and Distribution. Inter-state movement. • Licensing requirement exists for Raw material procurement. highly restricted and highly taxed. . • Controls also exist on Brand entry.

Bullet and Charger SOUTH AFRICAN BREWERIES (INDIA) LIMITED & SHAW WALLACE  world’s leading brewer in developing market  lager beer : castle lager  strong beer : knock out . Kalyani Black Label. ice beer  regional brands : Sun Lager. Flying horse.THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE MARKET UNITED BREWERIES LIMITED  launch of kingfisher brand  national brands : kingfisher . haywards 5000 MOHAN MEAKIN  golden eagle MOUNT SHIVALIK  thunderbolt FOSTERS : lager beer. .


Surrogate advertising platforms .

UNITED BREWERIES • United Breweries promotes Kingfisher beer with ads for Kingfisher mineral water. • Formula 1 racing • They are associated with East Bengal • They have instituted the fashion awards. • Huge event sponsorships and promotional campaigns . the first of its kind in the country.

• They have associated themselves with a property that appeals to the youth • People can log on to www. sport –brand platform . and get their beer-a minimum of six bottles-homedelivered • Kingfisher has a ready association with lifestyle.kingfishernetshop.

• The Men’s Fashion Fair . Maybe I'll try the beer. I've tried the soda.SAB MILLER • Hayward's 5000 soda 'Hey. too.' • Shaw Wallace is paying for renovations at the small but growing number of private liquor stores in exchange for prime shelf space and large in-store ads.

This is an unusual event sponsorship because Castle beer. When God Said Cheers in bars and restaurants across the country. here.• SAB Miller tied up with theatre director Anurag Kashyap to stage his play. is an integral prop in the play! • ‘Perfectly platform Balanced Beer’ –brand . It is a story of a man's conversations with god over a pint of Castle Lager.

They are bringing in DJs from all over the world. • Castle Loud is an initiative of Castle Lager to bring a perfect balance of music and beer. . It’s a music property they are taking across the country .• Castle Loud is a property they are actively building.

Fosters switched gears to associate itself with India's best loved sport. from beer and barbecue afternoons to musical evenings . relies on it's well-established 'Brand Australia' for good measure. which has been a local market player for seven years now. • During the Australia cricket tour of India. A spate of off-pitch media and consumer events were organized around the cricket team.FOSTERS • Fosters. with it's Formula One associated events spreading across premium bars and restaurants across the country.

They quizzed guzzlers on Australia and Foster and gave winning customers attractive prizes • brand Australia – brand platform .• Fosters conducted contests titled "How to speak Australian in select bars and pubs.

High percentage of people in the young age group 4. mainly due to media and consumer mobility. 3.Increasing exposure to beer and wine drinking. .India has predominantly a warm/hot climate 2.The beer-drinkers in the country are much younger than the average beer-drinker elsewhere in the world.Future of Beer In India 1.

5 127.2 82.0 26.8 150.Per capita Beer consumption Rank 1 2 3 Country Czech Republic Republic of Ireland Germany 161.9 India is at a measly 1 litre per annum per capita Even China is at 16 litres per annum per capita .4 7 12 13 39 United Kingdom Netherlands US Italy 99.4 84.

The Gap • Normal • Strong • Light Currently in India there is no beer in the Light category .

Perceptual map High calorie Haywards 5000 Kingfisher strong London Bullet strong Kingfisher Lager Kalyani strong San Miguel strong mild Low cal ultra strong beer for men Low calorie ultra mild beer for women Low calorie .


Target Audience • First time drinkers • People who drink for experience and not for getting drunk • Sophisticated consumer • Health Conscious .

Customer image “up-market upper mid market. who sees himself as both physically and mentally fit. male or female. college/office going youth. has an attitude of self-confidence and nurtures the belief that „he/she can change the world” . with aspirations.

USP • Highly carbonated • Low bitterness and no after taste • Fewer calories and Low alcohol percentage • Significant health benefits minus the calories .

Feelings/Imagery that a Beer brand communication evokes • • • • • Friendship Sex Sport Tradition Relaxation .

Alternate uses of our Beer • As a mixer for hard liquor Since it is highly carbonated and has less calories than all the soft drinks fruit juices that are normally mixed with alcohol • Use of beer for beer recipes • Barrel parties .

” .Beer and Women “Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.Kaiser Wilhelm .

BEER and WOMEN • Special Beer only for women • On the same lines as our normal beer • A great tasting beer which does not add inches to your body • Changing the perception associated with beer through feminist packaging .


the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention. Oh.“Without question.” . but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.Dave Barry CHEERS !!!!!!!! .

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