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Presentation on Tata AIG Life

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About Tata AIG Life

Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited, which is a joint venture between Tata Group and American International Group, Inc. (AIG), offers a number of standard and custom-made life insurance policies. Tata is one of the oldest and leading business groups of India. Tata Group has had a long association with India's insurance sector being the largest insurance company in India prior to the nationalization. American International Group, Inc (AIG) is the leading U.S. based international insurance and financial services organization.

Tata AIG Life combines Tatas pre-eminent leadership position in India and AIAs presence as the largest, independent listed pan-Asia life insurance group in the world spanning 15 markets in Asia Pacific. Tata Sons holds a majority stake (74%) in the company and AIA holds 26% through an AIA Group company. Tata AIG Life Insurance Company was licensed to operate in India on February 12, 2001 and started operations on April 1, 2001.


To be the leading provider of wealth management, protection and retirement solutions that meets the needs of our customers and adds value to their lives.


To be transparent in the way Co. deal with customers and to act with integrity. To invest in and build quality human capital in order to achieve mission.


Tata AIG Plans

For Children - Tata AIG offers a range of flexible insurance products for children. Policies dedicated to children and their key features are as given under. Life Assure Career Builder Life Assure Educare Life Assure 21 years Money Saver Life InvestAssure II financial assistance at key stages of childs life funding childs education cash payments in the form of survival benefits at regular intervals full life cover high returns flexibility of deciding the length of life cover term unit linked endowment investment plan flexibility to suite your needs

Life InvestAssure Flexi


Life InvestAssure Plus

single-premium paying term security of life insurance policy potentially higher returns steady income and life-long insurance coverage for child endowment policy dedicated for childs career and marriage unit linked endowment plan arranging finance for childs future

Life MahaLife Gold

Life Starkid

Life United Ujjwal Bhavishya


For Adults - The company has a slew of life insurance of plans for adults.

Life Assure Lifeline Plans Life Assure Growth Plans Life Assure Golden Years Plan Life InvestAssure Health

High coverage at an affordable cost Endowment policy Keep your money safe and have it grow Endowment policy Safety as well as returns Unit linked investment plan Helps achieve financial goals along with a comprehensive health policy Benefit on diagnosis of 12 critical illnesses Cover in case of unfortunate death 100% return of premium in case of no claims Unit-linked life insurance plan Guaranteed Maturity Unit Price Non-participating unit linked insurance plan Inbuilt Critical Illness benefit Unit linked endowment plan Helps one achieve financial goals

Life Health Investor

Life InvestAssure Apex Life InvestAssure Care

Life InvestAssure Flexi 5/4/12

Life InvestAssure Gold

flexibility to invest more money takes care of emergency cash requirements Unit linked plan Dual benefits of insurance coverage and wealth creation Flexible insurance plan Single-premium paying term Higher returns on premiums Unit-linked insurance solution Optimize investment returns Good for retirement planning Provides for steady income and insurance coverage large cover at a small premium life insurance protection and high returns Covers health contingencies

Life InvestAssure Insta

Life InvestAssure Plus

Life InvestAssure Optima Life MahaLife Gold

Life Raksha Life ShubhLife Life Health First 5/4/12

For Retirement Planning - If you plan to retire at the age of 60 or 65, you could need to fund your lifestyle for several years without any regular salary. But if you have invested in a right plan, you can rest assured.
Life Easy Retire Life InvestAssure II Life InvestAssure Gold Life MahaLife Gold Life Nirvana Life Nirvana Plus Life InvestAssure Swarna Jeevan Immediate annuity plan Single premium payment Flexible plan Life cover plus high returns Provides for emergency cash requirements or a steady post-retirement income Steady income and insurance coverage Freedom to choose retirement age Guaranteed addition of 10 percent of sum assured every 5 years Unit linked non participating pension plan