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|: there o h|qher |nc|dence of :moh|nq |n the

nur:|nq rofe::|on omonq tho:e who con

|dent|fy w|th on |ncreo:ed number of
Don|e||e Duuo|, loyce Mo|no, ||| Reyno|d:, 5oroh
C||n|co| rob|em
ochqround: 5moh|nq omonq heo|th rofe::|ono|: |:
o rom|nent ond re::|nq |::ue |n the commun|ty.
Nur:e: ore ot the forefront of reuent|on ond
ot|ent teoch|nq ond educot|on.
W 5coe: w|de ronqe: |nc|ud|nq nur:e:, co||eoque:,
ot|ent: ond fom|||e:
Con:equence: of rob|em
W |ncreo:e heo|th core co:t 1111
W xo:ure to :econd hond :moh|nq
W Heo|th r|:h: to :moher
W Decreo:ed oworene:: of o erce|ued rob|em
W Decreo:ed ot|ent educot|on ond teoch|nq
W Reduced worh force
W An|mo:|ty omonq worher:
|teroture Reu|ew
5moh|nq omonq Creeh nur:e: ond the|r reod|ne::
to qu|t
An |nternot|ono| reu|ew of tobocco :moh|nq |n the
med|co| rofe::|on
1obocco contro| |n the nur:|nq rofe::|on
1he Re|ot|on:h| between vorh|oce, lob 5tre::
ond Nur:e:' 1obocco U:e
0ur reteorcb tbewt o Icreoted rote eI
tmebIg te we reoIIy wot te bew wHVl
Nur:e: who |dent|fy w|th on |ncreo:e
number of job :tre::or: w||| houe on
|ncreo:ed |nc|dence of n|cot|ne
ender': Heo|th romot|on Mode|
W Quont|tot|ue :tudy
W 5ubject|ue doto ond numer|co| doto co||ected
throuqh the form of o que:t|onno|re
W Cro:: D|men:|ono| De:|qn
5om|e ond :om|e :|ze
W 5om|e: Nur:e: ot UMA55 Memor|o| of o||
W 5om|e :|ze: IOO -2OO RN
ort|c|ont: who current|y
:mohe c|qorette:
W rofe::|ono| d|:c|o:ure of conf|dence whot
we're do|nql te:t|nq ond the uro:e of the
W |R occetonce
W Ho:|to| monoqement cooerot|on
W Que:t|onno|re
urtet perteoI preIIIe- ronh, yeor: of
:eru|ce |n nur:|nq, mor|to| :totu:, ond
de:cr|t|ue demoqroh|c:
IdetIIyIg )eb ttrettert- 4 o|nt |hert-
tye :co|e ronq|nq from no :tre:: to o |ot of
IdetIIyIg IcetIe ute- how mony
c|qorette: ore :mohed doy.
W Hour: worhed
W Number of ot|ent: on o q|uen :h|ft(worh|ood)
W ot|ent cond|t|on
W om||y comm|tment:
W 5econd job
W vorh enu|ronment
W Unexected chonqe |n ot|ent:' :|tuot|on
W hy:|co| or uerbo| obu:e(ot|ent ond re|ot|ue:)
W xo:ure to :ofety hozord:
W och of :uort by nur:|nq odm|n|:trotor:
W Ab:ence of corre:ond|nq hy:|c|on
5ource: of occuot|on: :tre:: omonq nur:e: who worh |n odm|::|on ond emerqency deortment:
erce|ued Re:u|t::
'1hot there |: o d|rect
corre|ot|on between n|cot|ne
deendence :core: ond job
:tre:: :core:.
W 1emorory omb|qu|ty- |och of c|or|ty of
whether the re:umed cou:e occurred before
the outcome.
W H|:tory- externo| euent thot cou|d effect
roo:ed 5o|ut|on
W romot|nq d|fferent co|nq method:
W reuent :moh|nq re|oted |||ne:: co:t
W 5moh|nq reuent|on ond educot|on
throuqhout the ho:|to| enu|ronment
W No :moh|nq to|eronce|
W 5e|f he| qrou:
W Qu|t worh:
W Med|cot|on:
|mroue educotIe ond oworeett obout
ottemt|nq to reduce foctor: thot cou:e
:moh|nq ond decreo:e :tre:: ond therefore
:moh|nq w|th|n the nur:|nq rofe::|on|
W Cholamzadeh S Sharlf l 8ad l u (2011) Sources of
occupaLlonal sLress and coplng sLraLegles among nurses who work
ln admlsslon and emergency deparLmenLs of hosplLals ltooloo
jootool of ootsloq ooJ mlJwlfety teseotcb 16(1) 4146
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1he relaLlonshlp beLween workplace [ob sLress and nurses' Lobacco
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