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Presented by Mohammad Nihal Muqri | SP11-MM-0007 Muhammad Hassaan Khan | SP11-MM-0003 Murtaza Moiz Farooqui | SP11-MM-0002

Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom, started its operations in 1994. It is the market leader in communication networks across Pakistan Mobilink provides the most extensive network coverage spanning to 5,000+ locations nationwide

HR and Mobilink
Mobilink has great emphasis on HR and has adopted policies of keeping each employee as a productive part of the organization.

Functions of HR in Mobilink
There are several functions performed by HR department which are given below:
Planning Recruitment Selection Formal Interview Intelligence tests Research and Development Training Occupational Health and Safety measures Career Planning and Development Performance Appraisal System

Strategic HR Management at Mobilink

HR strategy refers to specific HRM planning to achieve its objectives, where such processes are also done in accordance with companys mission

Strategic Planning
Strategic planners analyzes
what actually is the prevalent culture of the organization, what are the
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and, threats (SWOT analysis) of business and its market

HR Policies in General
Working Hours
Meet the production and work requirements of the company

Office Hours Shift Work Upon Breach

The person will initially be counseled by his /her immediate supervisor/office manager.

HR Policies in General
Protection of companys assets and peoples policy
One of Mobilinks reason for success. Development and maintaining technology. Check and balance on human force.

Identification of employees. In written agreement with employees that they wont be disclosing in-organization information to third party Assurance to employees regarding full and final settlement of their salaries before leaving the organization.

HR Policies in General
Dress Codes
The employees attire shall not interfere with the performance of his/her duties. Employees related to CR & general public must maintain a suitable appearance

HR Policies in General
Security and Safety Policy
All levels of employees have a primary responsibility for the safety and well being of the organization. Practicing safety prevention encouraged by:
Setting good examples. Acting upon safety records. Reviewing safety programs. Holding personal interviews or group conferences. Starting activities that will stimulate and maintain employees interests.

HR Policies in General
Companys publication policy
To communicate Mobilinks policies, objectives, plans programs and development of all employees. To report all Mobilink activities.

Policy Guidelines
The Company publishes booklets, news articles and newsletters for the benefit of the employees. The President and the VP Human Resources & Administration must approve all publications intended for all employees.

HR Policies in General
Attendance policy
In case of any absence within/more than 24 hours must be reported to concerned department. In case of illness, a medical statement must be submitted within 24 hours.

Policies against the guidelines

Protection of companys assets Security and Safety Policies

Recruiting and Selection Process

Recruiting policy
To aim at hiring without any discrimination based on:
race, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry, religion or, disability.

Sources of Recruitment
Internal Advertisement. Databank. Advertising. Head hunters/executive search organizations. Walk in candidates. Colleges and Universities

Conditions for Recruitment

The following information would be kept in the Employees Personal File:
Interview Evaluation form Passport size Photos Any other special clause References. Copy of N.I.C. Copies of degree(s) Duly filled application form

Identifying the most appropriate solutions to performance problems

Types of trainings
Mobilink emphasizes on two types of trainings
Soft skill training
Develop a stronger base of knowledge on topics to make them more productive and less distracted in their job

Technical Training
Specific skills are focused and developed accordingly.

Performance Appraisal
The purpose of this policy is to evaluate work performance. Objectives
To measure work performance To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance To identify employees training with advancement To provide objective information for making decisions on
salary increases, promotions, bonus and transfers.

To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual

Career Planning and Development

Employee counseling process and develop their career skills and interests. It is a deliberate process in which HR emphasizes on:
personal skills, interests knowledge, motivation, and other characteristics; acquires information about other opportunities and choices; identifies career related goals and establishes action plans to attain specific goals

In a nutshell,
Mobilink has a strong HR system. Therefore there isnt inconsistency in what policies state and what employees say. 90 % of the times they were same. There are some minor discrepancies but they are adjustable with little effort.


Following are some of the recommendations based on those discrepancies:
Employees are not encouraged to give suggestions in policy formulation. Promotion, hiring and firing is virtually in the immediate bosss hand, this practice can cause disharmony Mobilink HR lacks in terms of career planning and development.

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