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By: Bhoomika Mehta Rahul Jumale Vinay Mourya Varun Ranawat Ishan Kenia

Industry Overview Company overview STP SWOT Porters Five Forces Model 7Ps For Service CRM Future Recommandation

The Taxis arrived in 1911 to complement horse wagons. Number of taxis (Padmini cabs)(cabs): About 58,000 In Greater Mumbai and 98,566 In Mumbai MMR in 2009

In April 2007, "MERU was launched in Mumbai in association with India Value Fund Advisors in Mumbai. other main metros like Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore in April 2008 Meru Cab has the largest fleet of Radio Taxis in India Currently, there are 1450 Meru Cabs in Mumbai alone & all over more than 3500 cabs. plans to manage a fleet of at least 12,000 cabs in the next 3 years. Each Meru Cab covers more than 200 km each day.

Our vision is to give urban commuters in India a worldclass travelling experience, by using a technology that has evolved in developed countries over the past twenty years, It was totally on research theory: Electronic Meters


Driving comfort


commuters Business Class Exclusivity-who want Travel experience. Airport and Railway drops Entertainment occasions

Reliability Accessibility


Well trained Drivers Benefit to society by running clean fuel based vehicle, accident & medical insurance to driver punctuality & location is tracking by GPS system Tamper-proof digital cab meters

Largely depend upon on technology Do not keep any back-up file Server problem Weaknesses Do not ready for short distance


Tie-up with Tours & travel company Penetration in Tier 2 cities


BEST AC Bus service Other Competitors Government restrictions Raising Fuel Prices

7Ps For service marketing


well-serviced, air-conditioned luxury taxi State-of-the-Art Backend Technology Digital tamper proof Meters and Printers Customer Service Center Professionally Trained chauffeurs A speed alert alarm system

Theodore Levitts Total Product Concept

Complain number for Feedback & comment

Pick up & drop Service at Your spot Can pay by Cheque if no cash


Air Conditio ner Cleanness

Entertainment option like Music, TV Booking option through Web Fare Price Lost & Good Service found Service

Meru Cab Service

Magazine & Other related books

Electronic Meter

Panic Button & Credit Card Services first-aid kit

Augmented Product

Expected Product


Mumbai Fare Structure

Old Fare Flag Down Fare (First Rs.20/Km) New Fare Rs.22/-

Every subsequent Km Rs.14/Waiting Charge Night Charge Rs. 0.50 per minute 25% extra on above

Rs.15/Rs. 0.50 per minute 25% extra on above

Delhi Fare Structure

Old Fare Flag Down Fare (First Rs.15/Km) New Fare Rs.20/-

Every subsequent Km Rs.15/Waiting Charge Night Charge Nil 25% extra on above from 11p.m. to 5 a.m.

Rs.20/Nil 25% extra on above from 11p.m. to 5 a.m. above

Hyderabad Fare Structure

Flag Down Fare Rs. 30/-

Every Subsequent Km
Waiting Charge

Rs. 15/First 10 mins : No charge Subsequently : Rs.1/minute

Night Charge

25% extra on above from 11p.m. to 5a.m.

Bangaluru Fare Structure

Flag Down Fare (First 4 Km) Rs. 60/-

Every Subsequent Km

Rs. 15/-

Waiting Charge

First 20 mins : No charge For next every 15 mins or part thereof Rs. 10/


metro cities Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad.

Word Of Mouth promotion Promotion mostly through Radio Through their Meru Cab 'Don't drink and drive' promotion in Delhi Tie up with TGIF & Restaurants


service centre employees Proper training to drives for better communication skill, service knowledge, inter personal skill Accident & Medical insurance for Drivers India Value Fund (IVF), a premier private equity fund, managing a corpus of over US $ 650 MM took an equity stake in the Company

Blue print

Service Experience Blueprint for Meru Cab

Cust omer swim lane Calling to Call Center Get cab No.& Name of driver

F Went to Customer point Destination point Pay Fare price Line of Interaction W

Fr o nt st a g e Booking Meru Cab

Receipt to customer Technol ogy enabled systems Swim lane Record Customer Request Conformatio n of Call to client

Line of Customer visibility

B a c k st a g e

Inform to Meru cab Driver

Informe to Call center

Back end system


Beginning of process

End of process

Waiting point

Fail point F

printed receipt for every fare, providing details of distance travelled and total amount payable. Every fare of a Meru is digitally transmitted back to the Control Centre and is recorded for reference Chauffeurs in a smart MERU uniform. Basic amenities inside the car like face tissues, FM Radio, First-aid kit etc Routine spot checks by Patrol Vans to ensure highest standards of service Meru Identification Card

Rivalry between competitors Threats of New entry Bargaining power of consumers

Threats Of Substitute

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Meru Cab Colour Maintaince Pay to co Contact Number No.Of Cabs Taken by Company Rs. 800/+91 22 44224422 App. 1800

Gold Cab Taken by Company +91 22 32449999 / 32443333 App 1000

Mega Cab Black Owned by drivers +91 22 42424242 App. 1200

Cool Cab Sky blue Owned by drivers +91 22 38649955 App.1300

Silver Green Yellow Red


is a contact centre for managing relationship with customer-through telephone ,email, web mail etc. It endows the employee of the organization with the information they need to know about their customers wants and needs, and to build long term sustainable relationship between the firm and its customers


customer retention and acquisition Increase sales Decrease cost Eliminate infrastructure hassles

Commuting by taxi in cities like Mumbai and Delhi was a nightmare constantly dealing with flat rates, faulty meters, creaking vehicles, rash rude and negligent drivers etc. That was until Meru Cabs rolled out its fleet of market redefining taxis. Non availability of cabs when distance is short The need for a safe and reliable taxi service was strongly felt in a city like Mumbai where customers needed a taxi service which was as good as personal chauffeur driven vehicle with significant up gradation over the existing taxi services The customer felt a vacuum in the available taxi services like hiring facility, physical taxi stands, dependability of service and the condition of the taxis on road. Taxi on call/at the door step was missing in the present taxi services.


has plans to develop his company VLink into an end-to-end transportation company as he mulls over entering into bus rapid transit system and looks forward to a private-public partnership in Indian Railways too. Travel

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