Paradigm Shift

Global Competitiveness



BENEDICTINE monasteries’ rule: . as if indeed Christ were being directly served by waiting  upon them. “Impact of the birth of JESUS CHRIST and His teaching on society and the care of the sick”.“The care of the sick is to be placed above and before every other duty.” .

 Hospitals outside the monasteries were built. .    .“brothers & sisters” 19th century: rapid growth of hospitals and community nursing associations “HOLISTIC APPROACH” Florence Nightingale: Needs of the spirit are as critical to health as the individual organs which make up the body.


assist individuals of recovery” groups and communities. and education are also key nursing roles. 12 April 2010 recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would . promotion of health. him in his all ages. Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of “The unique function of the nurse is to assist the and in patient and health systems management. and the care of ill. Advocacy. will or knowledge" . sick or well. Nursing includes the TODAY to caring. research. in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its Last Updated he had the necessary perform unaided ifon Monday. promotion of a safe environment. participation in shaping health policy individual. disabled and dying people.International Council of Nurses strength.DEFINITION YESTERDAY Nursing is "the act of utilizing the environment of the patient sick or well and in all settings. prevention of illness. families.

WHO WERE/ARE THE NURSES? YESTERDAY •Male Catholic monks •Men and women serving punishments (Drunk. prostitute and other criminal women) TODAY •REGISTERED NURSE Facilities or areas in which nurses typically are employed include: •Hospitals •Nuns and the military •FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE •Clinics or Offices •Nursing Homes •Home-health •Public Health •Occupational Health or Industrial Nurse •Leadership positions •Teaching positions at hospitals. obnoxious men. colleges and Universities .

QUALIFICATIONS YESTERDAY •Physically strong TODAY •Physically fit •Have certain powers of resistance •Tall and strong •Not clumsy •Well formed and having •Intellectually capable •Emotionally stable •Spiritually guided good looks is an advantage •Has had lot of experiences of the world .

ROLES YESTERDAY •Religious service •To attend the sick and obey matron’s orders TODAY •Key management roles in healthcare •Follow direction of physicians •Independent/collabor ative •“MINISTRY” -Nurses Christian Fellowship •Nursing specialties .

trade. capital flows. & foreign investment through supranational decisionmaking organizations GLOBALIZATION .NATIONAL GOV’T & corporate policies shapes: .


“Before nurses can take a larger role in the collaborative work of 21st-century health issues. “ GLOBALIZATION . not through the often rosy spectacles of the past. they must see the new world and themselves as they are.

It requires new skills.Advanced practice in a globalizing environment means adopting nontraditional and unfamiliar perspectives and methods. going beyond the individual to obtain organizational and policyinfluencing abilities. GLOBALIZATION .


FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE  Nursing during the Civil War increased the need for nurses. EMPOWERMENT .

EMPOWERMENT .CLARA BARTON  She lobbied presidents and senators to allow nurses to form an organization.

MARGARET SANGER  A true activist that pushed the idea of “Birth Control” EMPOWERMENT .

  Electricians Mathematicians  Sociologists POWER .

 Having control. to get and use whatever it is that a person needs for the goals he or she is attempting to meet (Kanter. influence. or domination over something or someone (Chandler. 1992) The ability to get things done. 1993. to mobilize resources. 166)  POWER . p.

& Kutszcher. POWER . Power includes caring practices by nurses which are used to empower patients (Benner. Sabiston. 2001)  One of the characteristics of a profession is that professionals have power over the practice of their discipline which is often referred to as professional autonomy (Laschinger. 1997).

in review).   . physicians. Powerless nurses are ineffective nurses. Nurses need power to be able to influence patients. Lack of nursing power may also contribute to poorer patient outcomes (Manojlovich & DeCicco. and other health care professionals.

Control Over the Competence of Nursing Practice Power and Empowerment in Nursing: Looking Backward to Inform the Future . Control Over the Content of Nursing Practice Control Over the Context of Nursing Practice 3.1. 2.

. Present Curriculum – hailed as a blueprint for excellence and has been adopted by many Asian and western countries. GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS .in parallel with the global standards of nursing care and practices.




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