we are going to take a look at the history of Margarine and its closest competition Butter . The topic that we are going to present today is based upon the Unilever product known as blueband. but before going deep into the specifics of the product.

. sauce making. Butter is a dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. such as baking. It is generally used as a spread and a condiment. water and milk proteins. and pan frying. Butter consists of butterfat. as well as in cooking applications.

. For a more visual asthetic here is a video showing the butter production process.

 Beurre d'Ardenne  Beurre d'Isigny .

 Beurre Charentes-Poitou  Beurre Rose  Mantequilla de Soria .

Its value was recognized by the Pilgrims who stored several tubs aboard the Mayflower. it was used as money. First churned some 4000 years ago. so the story goes. . It all began. one hot day when a Nomad tied a pouch of milk to his horse's neck and later found the heat and jostling had churned a tasty yellow product. Before butter became exclusively a food. butter became a basic and important food.

cooked with innumerable foods and seasonings. Yet modern butter. a hair dressing. an oil. It has been eaten alone. drunk in tea. spread on almost every other food. For thousands of years mankind thrived on butter. manufactured and processed by scientific methods. . has not really changed from the earliest product. a poultice to erase wrinkles and as a means for buying a wife. It has been used as a medicine.

* Data represented in 1000 metric tons .

margarine is vegetable fat that is processed into a spread that can be used in just about every recipe or application that calls for butter. or almost white  Originally developed as an alternative to butter. Margarine naturally appears white. Whether formed into sticks or processed into a soft spread that can be taken from the refrigerator to the table  .It’s a generic term. can indicate any of a wide range of butter substitutes.


 Traditional Margarines  Blended Margarines  Hard Margarines .

the emperor of France. offered a reward to anyone who could produce an acceptable alternative. Margarine was the first alternative to butter. . so in the 19th century Louis Napoleon III. Butter was expensive for those who did not live off the land.

This substance had only recently been discovered in 1813 by Michael Eugene Chevreul and derived its name from the Greek term for pearls. margarite. A French chemist named Mége Mouriés won the 1869 competition for the product he named margarine after its primary ingredient. margaric acid. because of the milky drops that Chevreul noticed in his discovery. .


Butter Margarine .

Now six factories are operating at different locations around the country. In mid 60’s unilevers head office was shifted to Karachi from rahimyar khan. The unilever Pakistan limited (UPL). . formerly lever brothers pakistan limited was established in Pakistan in 1948 in rahimyar khan which was chosen for sitting UPA vegetable oil factory. Unilever Pakistan is the largest FMCG company in Pakistan as well as one of the largest multinational operating in the country.

It is a good source of 7 essential vitamins (A. A thin layer of spread on bread every day makes a big contribution to the healthy growth and development of the whole family. both for children and adults. . B1. B12. Blue Band. D3 and E) that are necessary for healthy growth and development. B2. Blue Band is made from high quality vegetable oils. Unilever is the world’s leading manufacturer of margarine. D and E for which there are not many dietary sources. a world renowned brand that was launched in Pakistan more than 20 years ago. B6. so it is an important source of essential fats and vitamins A.

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