8rass Þlpes

8rass plpes are an alloy
of copper and z|ncŦ
Cood brass plpes are
made of 67Ŵ8SƷ copper
and Lhe resL belng zlncŦ
1he besL grade of brass
plpe whlch ls called
ºked 8rass p|pe" ls
made of 83Ʒ copperŦ
Lorage and usage
8rass plpe on hoLŴwaLer llnes does noL colour
waLer red as sLeel plpe ofLen doesŦ As a resulL lL
wlll lasL longerŦ 8rass plpes should be kepL where
lL wlll be unlformly supporLed Ÿon Lhe floor or
on a long shelfŦ lL should noL be hung over a
couple of nalls or pegs so LhaL lL may sag as lL
Lhen becomes dlfflculL Lo sLralghLen and work
8rass plpe ls made ln Lhe same slzes as
sLeel plpeţ from 1/8ƍ Lo 12ƍŦ LxLra
sLrong brass plpe ls made ln all buL Lhe
largesL slzeŦ 1hese slzes areť 1/8ƍţ 1/4ƍţ
3/8ƍţ 1/2ƍţ 3/4ƍţ 1ƍţ 1 1/4ƍţ 1 1/2ƍţ 2ƍţ
2 1/2ƍţ 3ƍţ 3 yrţ 4Ŵţ 3ƍţ 6ƍţ 8ƍţ and 10ƍŦ
8rass plpe generally comes ln Ŵfoot
sLralghL lengLhsŦ
8rass Þlpe Pandllng
8rass plpe ls sofLer Lhan
sLeel or lron plpe and ls
easlly marked or marred
by ordlnary plpe vlses
and plpe wrenchesţ so
frlcLlon clamps and
frlcLlon wrenches should
be usedŦ ame wlLh Lhe
oLher Lypes of plpes
reamlng Lhe brass plpe
afLer cuLLlng ls necessaryŦ
-oLes on 1hreadlng 8rass plpes
Clamp Lhe brass plpe ln a vlseţ uslng frlcLlon
clampsŦ uo noL leL Lhe end of Lhe plpe pro[ecL
more Lhan abouL 6ƍ from Lhe face of Lhe vlseţ
Lhe easlesL worklng dlsLanceŦ 8rass plpes are
Lhreaded on each end and screwed lnLo
flLLlngsŦ pec|a| brass p|pe d|es should be
secured and usedŦ 1hey wlll lnsure goodţ LlghL
screwŴLhread [olnLs ln brassŴplpe plumblngŦ
-oLes on 1hreadlng 8rass plpes
uurlng Lhreadlngţ uslng cuLLlng
lubrlcanLs ls necessaryŦ lor every
Lwo Lhreads or revoluLlonsţ lubrlcanL
should be applled Lo Lhe dleŦ Avold
maklng Loo many Lhreads as lL
weakens Lhe plpeŦ 3Ŵ8 perfecL
Lhreads should be enoughŦ Wlpe Lhe
Lhread wlLh rag Lo remove Lhe chlpsŦ
llLLlngs used on brass plpes
All brass plpes should use eavy cast brassŦ
When lron flLLlngs are used wlLh brass plpeţ
Lhe conLacL of Lhe dlsslmllar meLals ls
conduclve Lo elecLrolyLlc decomposlLlon of Lhe
lron flLLlngsŦ
-oLes on Clearance for Lxpanslon
A plpe 10 feeL long expands sllghLly less Lhan
$ƍţ so a plpe runnlng from Lhe basemenL Lo
Lhe second floor wlll noL need much clearanceŦ
Poweverţ on llnes longer Lhan LhaLţ you should
Lake care LhaL one end ls noL Loo securely
anchoredţ so LhaL expanslon can Lake place
Lhere when very hoL waLer rushes Lhrough a
plpe and heaLs lL conslderablyŦ
8endlng 8rass Þlpes
Cenerally lL ls noL advlsable Lo Lry
Lo bend plpeŦ 1o change dlrecLlon
you should lnserL elbows of
dlfferenL anglesŦ 8uL as brass plpe
ls sofLer Lhan lron or sLeel plpeţ
Lhere may be cases where lL wlll be
saLlsfacLory Lo bend lLŦ
8endlng 8rass Þlpes
elecL a plece of sofL plpeŦ lf lL ls noL
sofL enoughţ you can heaL lL Lo sofLen
lL a llLLle and Lhen bend lLŦ uo noL bend
lL on sharp ob[ecLs Lo avold klnklngŦ
uo noL bend lL on Lhe same spoL LwlceŦ
1ry bendlng lL on someLhlng large and
round llke meLal garbage can or a blg
8endlng 8rass Þlpes
When bendlng you can
also use plpe bendlng
sprlng Lo avold damage
on Lhe brass plpeŦ