Permission marketing and CRM, Retention Management Strategies.

Use of Technology
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distribution and fulfillment (e.g. Marketing and CRM • Co-creation (Permission and Relationship) marketing enables and empowers customers to aid in product creation (e. GAP store or GAP online delivered to the house). and communication (e-mail systems) • Other examples – – – – Yahoo Groups/Pop-ups Tanishq Jewellers Different Banks Facebook Applications 2 . Gateway computers). pricing (e..

Attrition and Retention Management Strategies • Future Group (Big Bazaar) Schemes – Monthly Saving vouchers – Mobile recharge offers – Wednesday offers – Holiday/Festive offers • Apparel Retail Schemes 3 .

Wide range for all .

New Arrivals .

Relationship .

Discounts .

200 on enrolment 5 Star Member An 5% exclusive discount on 7.Loyalty Cards 1 Star Member 3 Star Member Gift voucher worth Rs.5% every discount on purchase every purchase 7 Star Member A whopping 10% discount on every purchase .

Motivation .

Festive offers/ Freebies .

Technology as Enabler • Telecom Industry 11 .

Oracle in the Communications Industry Telecom Providers who are users of Oracle Applications include: • 6 of Asia Pacific's top 20 mobile operators • 9 out of 10 Asia Pacific top fixed line operators • 8 of Asia Pacific's top 10 service providers • Telecom Providers using Oracle’s CRM solutions include Wireless Wireline Converged 12 .

call waiting times. and customer service  Manager rapid growth of customer base: zero to one million customers in 18 months  Peoplesoft CRM     Support Sales Marketing Solution: Telemarketing     Order Capture Configurator Cust Behavior Modeling Mobile Sales Results:   Significantly improved customer satisfaction while reducing support and maintenance costs. and collection. Customer information. marketing. which is used as the hub for the entire architecture Analytics to measure the customer experience. and abandoned calls. is pulled into the system. support. No information sits outside the CRM system. such as how long to resolve a case. service. payment. including billing.Case Study: A Global Mobile Service Provider Need:  Global CRM platform for integrated sales. Average Call Handling Time (CHT) reduced 21%   13 . credit. product.

master record creation 5. New customer is approved Billing 14 . address cleansing. Triggers a „new customer created‟ business event Web Sites 3. Some applications receive near-real time updates 2. Triggers a “New Customer Created” event in the CDH  Data Quality Services DWH 4.Customer Hub : Information Flows Loyalty Program 1. An employee in call center modifies customer record 8. Other applications subscribe to the CDH & update as required Collections Call Center  OAS 10g Integration Services 7. CDH does deduping. CDH subscribes to this event & creates record Customer Data Hub (CDH) Web Services Custom Dealer Mgt 6.

Lost Handset? Lost/Stolen Handset – Logical Model BPEL Flow Upon Lost / Stolen Handset: • • Suspend Service Suspend Billing Blacklisting Notify Fraud Management Replace Handset / Handset Sale Upsell New Phone “Wipe” Data from Handset/PDA 10:00am start Lost/Stolen Handset Collect Info & Publish Validate service • • Suspend service Update Service Notify Fraud Systems Update HLR • • Notify Billing Update Network • ? Upsell new phone & notify Supply Chain end 10:20am 15 .

•Hotel Industry 16 .

17 .

Talisma Corporation 18 . Head. Girish Krishnamurthy. Sedjwick John Joseph. India. Standard Chartered Bank • It is hard to believe how far the market for hosted or on-demand CRM solutions has come. Robust overall growth in this segment will continue in 2005 at rates exceeding 20 percent. with improved customer satisfaction. Business Intelligence Unit.• The CRM solution has resulted in more focussed marketing campaigns and reduced costs. General Manager.

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