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P. Beeharry Chairman Central Procurement Board MAURITIUS
15 November 2011 1

Republic of Mauritius



 An island in Indian Ocean  Size: 1865 Km2  Population: 1.2 million  Source of Revenue: Textile, Tourism, Sugar, Services  Democracy – Parliamentary Sysyem  Literacy: >90 %  Official language: English  Popular Language: Creole and French  GDP per capita: USD 11600 (2009)  Growth Rate: 4% (2009) 4.2 (2010)
5/4/2012 3

Reform of the Public Procurement System
 A major reform of the Public Procurement System took place in 2008 with the coning into operation of the Public Procurement Act of 2006
 Based essentially on the UNCITRAL model and

international best practices  Act is currently being reviewed esp. to facilitate the implementation of SPP, the e-GP and Framework Agreement.



Implementation of e-Government Procurement
 Ensure greater transparency and accountability,

and more importantly , improve efficiency in public procurement by making optimum use of the possibilities that e-GP offers



Implementation of e-Government Procurement
 Sharing if the e-procurement platform of the government of Andhra Pradesh, India
 Feasibility Study

 Identification of customization requirements
 Negotiation of the terms and conditions for the sharing of the platform

 Amendment to existing laws to enable implementation
5/4/2012 6

Implementation Schedule
Phase 1

 Creation of a public procurement portal for

posting of  Public invitation for bids  Annual Procurement Plan  Executive summary of Bid Evaluation Report  Notice of Award of Procurement Contracts
15 November 2011

Implementation Schedule
Phase 2
 Implement/adopt GoAP e-GP system in As-Is conditions

with minimal or no customization for procurement of works/goods the portal (tender calendar, inviting/evaluation authority details, BoQ/Commercial bid formats)

 Requires key bid information to be specified online on

 Remaining bid details (GCC, SCC, BDS etc and all other

bid contents) shall be uploaded as a complete bid document in softcopy submit online bids etc.

 Bidders will be able to download the bid document,
15 November 2011 8

Implementation Schedule Phase 2 (ctd)
 Implement item master for standard goods and works

procured by GoM
 Implement rate contracts module for NDU – majority

of NDU procurement goes through rate contracts model.
 Implementation of MIS for procurement conducted

through the system
15 November 2011 9

Implementation Schedule
Phase 2 (ctd)
 Customize e-Tendering module as per requirements of    

GoM Implementation of SBDs Selection of relevant procurement method/SBD based on cost estimates All other specific forms/requirements customized as per GoM needs Implementation of Challenge & Appeal functions Implementation of comprehensive MIS

15 November 2011


Implementation Schedule
Phase 3
 Implementation of Procurement Planning functionality in

the e-Procurement system  Implementation of contract management functions including contract variations management  Implementation of vendor debarment/disqualification functions

Phase 4
 Integration with Inventory Management System  Integration with TAS for funds commitment &

15 November 2011 11

e-GP Functionalities and Integration to other e-Government Systems

15 November 2011


 The proposed system is envisaged to address entire

lifecycle of public procurement from preparation of Annual Procurement Plan to contractor payments. There are some specific functionalities that are targeted with a view to improving efficiency, e.g
 Use of Framework Agreements to save time and costs  Electronic Reverse Auction  Contract Management, and  E-Payment
15 November 2011 13

Interface/Integration with other egovernment systems
 National Budget
 Programme-Based Budgeting (PBB)  Performance monitoring

 Inventory Management System

Planning Replenishment of stocks Monitoring of delivery and receipts Invoice certification Supplier performance monitoring  Treasury Accounting System  Funds commitments  Payments to suppliers, contractors and consultants
    
15 November 2011 14

Interface/Integration with other egovernment systems
 Internal & External Audit  Compliance audit  SMEDA

and list of goods, works and services offered by them  Registrar of Companies  Access to database on companies  Mauritius Revenue Authority  Remittance of tax deducted from payments to contractors; tax campliance
15 November 2011 15

 Database of Small and Medium Enterprises

Integration with other e-government systems
 Procurement Policy Office  Comprehensive MIS  Compliance monitoring
 Central Procurement Board  Online vetting of documents and review of evaluation  Aggregation of common use items  Framework agreements

15 November 2011


Introduction to E-Government Procurement

Government Users

Suppliers/Non-Govt. Users

E-GP System Overview
GSI Internet

E-GP Portal (SSL Enabled) – Information & Transaction Services Identity & Access Management Supplier & Government User Registration Supplier & Govt. User Profiles & Access Controls
Procurement Management Information System
Supplier Register

Buyer Register

Real time Data Transfers
Messaging Services

Certifying Agencies (CRL)

Online Banking Systems Payment Gateway

Procurement Performance Data & MIS

Item Master Creation & Management E-Tendering Rate Contract Management Contract Management Appeal & Challenge Processing E-Payments

Standards Based Data Exchange

Annual Procurement Planning

Standardised Batch Data Transfers

Dept ERP/ Business Applications

Messaging Services

Treasury Accounting System Simple Data Transfers


Data Layer
APP Data Tenders/ Bids Contracts Vendor Performance Data E-Mail/Fax Payments History RC DB Audit Trails

Income Tax

15 November 2011