. Tele-Presence is the intersection of virtual reality and video-conferencing.INTRODUCTION   Tele-Presence is a new medium that enables a user to share a virtual space with remote participants.

DEFINITIONS…  Capture of sensory data in 3 spatial dimensions in real time from multiple physically separated spaces.the projection of data into shared virtual environments and the projection of the virtual environment into immersive physical environment. constitute the emerging technology of Tele-Presence. .

DEFINITION(contd…) Tele-presence is obtained by merging Virtual Reality by Collaboration Technology. s ua Vi Au di o VR l s ua Vi Au di o VR Au di o Haptics Haptics s ua Vi l VR l Haptics .

.ENGINEERING INVOLVED    Recognizing human presence Tracking human environment interaction Projecting this in a realistic 3D form on a stereo immersive surface.

2 additional cameras are employed that capture lighting. .viewer perspective and depth.RECOGNITION    Sea of seven cameras 5 separate views are interspersed by a computer algorithm to produce a single seamless 3D image.


Haptic gloves. ‘Virtual touch’ is the Haptics (touchsimulation) technology that makes it possible to reach out and touch someone.TRACKING    Hi Ball tracker is strapped to the viewer’s head. .a network of exoskeleton tendons is worn by the user.

.PROJECTION   8 Computer controlled front projectors.a stereo-immersive surface or screen coupled with polarized lens or glasses worn by the user 16 microphones with Projection speakers which give the sound direction.

Pictorial view of telepresence .

APPLICATIONS     Connecting Communities Remote Surgery Education Sign language communication .

.CONCLUSION  With the eventual nationwide implementation of Internet Tele-Presence will become a public reality and reveal a whole new vista of communication projects. www.BIBLIOGRAPHY       .upenn.

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