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Mahanayak Kanshiramji

School of Thinking
Director General

Dheemant P R Ambedkar

C-4/207 , NATASHA ENCLAVE , NIBM , KONDHWA, PUNE–411048. FAX / Ph: 020-26835230 ; M: 9822406581.


The Skill Of Thinking?
The Direct Teaching of Thinking as A Skill?

Chanakya Or Kautilya wrote (350BC):-àXrn:

gd©{dÚmZm_wnm`: gd©H$_m©Um_² &  Aml`: gd©Y_m©Um§ eœXmÝdr{jH$s _Vm &&

Nemo Nascitur Sapiens Artifex
No One is ever born a Skilled Thinker. Edward de Bono revised Descartes‘ famous philosophical axiom,

‘cogito ergo sum’
(I think therefore I am). In Edward de Bono's improvement, it becomes

‘ago ergo erigo’
(I act therefore I construct / act.) Are we really as Innovatie as we think we are?

In 250 BC, Governance of Ashoka The Great, By Thinking For Welfare and Prosper State.
Can be taught Thinking? Or, Thinking can be taught? Example: -- Car : Intelligence. Driving Skill : Thinking Skill. Thinking can be taught and makes difference.

The Six Hats Thinking benefits:
        It gives Power. It saves Time. It avoids Ego or goes beyond Ego. It improves Exploration. It fosters Collaboration Behaviour. It gives / improves Values. It improves Innovation and Creativity. We can learn to think Parallel with others.

The Better Governance of Ashoka The Great, By Thinking For Welfare and Prosper State.

What was the secret of the successful Governance of Ashoka The Great who had minimum Military Force and minimum Police Force in his Empire, even though his Governance had protected the Great Empire’s boundary of Triple-India, maintained its absolute sovereignty, and made their people happy and prosper? The period of Governance of the Mourya Empire was a period of freedom, greatness and glory.

The Better Governance of Ashoka The Great, By Thinking For Welfare and Prosper State.

Ashoka The Great had adopted and implemented the Faculty of Thinking Skill (AmÝdr{jH$s {dÚm) in Education System as well as Training System in Administration of his Governance, which had been caused to be created /constructed the thinking personalities in Administration as well as people at large. (the Present and Future
generation both).

Are you a 3-Minute Thinker? Answer TRUE or FALSE.
1. We're all born skilled thinkers. 2. Thinking requires a weekend, a hammock and a pitcher of lemonade. 3. Breakthrough ideas come about mostly by accident. 4. Feelings usually prevent good thinking. 5. Smart people are the best thinkers. 6. Too much thinking leads to inaction and too little thinking leads to superficiality. TRUE…… / FALSE ……

Multiple Choice
1. Thinking is most like:
a. philosophy b. psychology c. karate

2. Solving a problem is a matter of:
a. finding the right answer b. using one proven technique c. discovering what works

3. Resolving a conflict is a matter of:
a. getting your way b. proving your adversary wrong c. bridging the gap between disagreement and agreement

4. Tough decisions require:
a. lots of information b. long periods of thinking c. short, focused bursts of thinking

5. If you want to involve other people in your thinking, it’s best to:
 ask others what they would do  let someone else decide  ask others for structured, thinking input

3Minutes’ Answers: 1.





Challenges of 21st Century
Tomorrow is closer than you think.
The Next Society will be a Knowledge Society. Knowledge will be the Key Resource and Knowledge Workers will be the Dominant Group in the Workforce.— Borderlessness, Upward Mobility available to everyone, Potential for Failure as well as Success.

Information Age is over; we entered into the Concept Age.
There was a time when Information was the Bottleneck, now no more. We can get all information we need.

The new BottleNeck is “Thinking and Creative Thinking” in particular.

In new Age into which we are moving, Creative Thinking is going to be the Key Skill.

No–One is ever born a skill thinker.

You have two choices:- Thinking

is a matter of Intelligence. Intelligence is determined by the Genes with whom you were born? You can no more change your thinking than you can truly change the colour of your eyes. training, by practice and through learning to do it better. Thinking is no different from any other Skill and we can get getter at the skill of thinking if we have the will to do so.

2. Thinking is a Skill that can be improved by

The Skill Of Thinking?
The Direct Teaching of Thinking as a Skill?

The Creative, Constructive, Design & Operating Aspects

of Thinking, are just as important as ‘Knowledge’.

 Argument- Prove that someone is wrong / right.  Judgement- Proved/Not proved, Right or

Traditional Thanking
Analysis- Obtain better data or information . Criticism- Critics or Logical Thinking. Journalistic Six: -- 5 W & 1 H “Raise the better question, You will get better answer.”
--Alex Osborn’s

   

Car Analogy To Understand Thinking

Intelligence is like the Horsepower of a Car. It is possible that the ‘Intelligence’ Potential of Mind is determined partly by Genes. Even so, there is evidence that the use of the mind can change the enzyme characteristics of the Brain just as the use of muscles can change their characteristics Performance of a Car does not depend upon the Horsepower of the Car but upon the Skill--Driving Skill with which the Driver drives the Car. So if intelligence is the Horsepower of the Car, then “Thinking” is the Skill with which the Horsepower is used. If you have a Powerful Car then you need to improve your Driving Skill. If you do not improve your driving skill then you will not be able to make full use of the available power. You may also be a danger to others. In a similar way, highly intelligent people need to improve their Thinking Skills in order to make full use of that high intelligence. Much of the potential of high intelligence is otherwise wasted.

Car Analogy To Understand Thinking
 CAR : Intelligence.  Driving Skill : Thinking Skill.  Thinking can be taught and makes difference.

 Intelligence Quotient = the innate horsepower

of a car  The KNOWLEDGE = the fuel  THINKING SKILL = the driving skill

Thinking is the Operating Skill through which Intelligence acts upon experience

 Intelligence is a Potential.
 Thinking is an Operating Skill.  The biggest enemy of thinking

is the feeling that our thinging is pretty good anyway and we do not need to do anything about it.

“Without Thinking, the feeling is tyranny.”
To educate The People in Thinking,

are dealing with the most powerful force on earth.”



--Dheemant P

R Ambedkar




will age and grow old.

l Mind utifu A Bea “



n Fact, I


Thinking As An Operating Skill. Thinking Skill Is Life Skill.

“GREAT HEIGHTS ATTRACT US NOT THE STEPS TOWARDS Please Think in terms of Value Creation for Indians: THEM.”
Caste is unthinkingness; Caste devitalize. De-Caste Concept revitalize Indian Personality.
Becoming De-Caste means improving your Thinking Skill. Future of India lying in imparting Thinking Skill to all Students.

Caste: A System of Perverse Superstition: “Father could not help it and the son could not cure it.”

Challenge of 21st Century
“Instead of judging our way forward, we need to design our way forward. We need to be thinking about ‘what can be’, not just about ‘what is’.

If you do not design the future, someone or something else will design it for you.”

Challenge of 21st Century
Let us Learn-Teach Possibility & Creativity Power of Powers is Power of Possibility. Possibility is the Driver of Thinking. Learn Thinking – Teach Thinking. Learn Possibility – Teach Possibility. Learn Creativity – Teach Creativity Learn Value Creation – Teach Value Creation

The level of performance must be confirmed to the level of thinking.

Our task is uphill task.

Be Thinking

Attention-Directing Tools of Thinking Skill: -         

P M I: Plus + Minus + Interesting C A F: Consider All Factors RULES C & S: Consequences & Sequel A G O: Aims, Goals, Objectives PLANNING F I P: First Important Priority A P C: Alternatives, Possibility, Choice DECISIONS O P V: Other People Views

ULTIMATE HUMAN RESOURCE. THINKIN is the most G important and essential

Skill for one’s better life.
Do you need to learn Thinking Skill?

Thinking is a skill.


 

Thinking is an operating skill. Thinking can be learnt, improved, advanced, and taught & enjoyed.

How to Learn thinking ?
Prepare to avoid or remove the obstacles in the Way of Thinking. This is the beginning in learning and improving in the Thinking.
Regard thinking as a SKILL rather as a gift of

God or Birth is the first step towards doing something to improve in THINKING.

Creative Thinkers, we must be Free of Constraints of Traditions and History. No One is ever born a Skilled Thinker.

Education= K + I + Th
Obstacles Or Barriers In THINKING= ICE

How to break this ICE?






Imitation is easy. Innovation is difficult.
---Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Every thing has changed, Except our way of thinking.
--Dr. Albert Einstein

Education is the intelligently directed development of the possibilities inherent in ordinary experience.
--Prof. John Dewey (USA)

Define Thinking

acts upon Experiences.  THINKING is the deliberate exploration of Experience for a

Skill through which Intelligence

an Operating

That Purpose may be Understanding, DecisionMaking, Problem-solving, Planning, Judgement, Designing a Way Forward, Action, and so on.

y in g ns L a c h a y me e Ea mpl ng si n g S i d pute, ki no dis Thin lo rallel d e a s A no clash, a ere is “P Th I is . There ubject o wn ement s D e judg n of the may, t h e r . ial True/Fals ploratio O cision ” it x e d no in Genuine E on and D rocess. an ad a nclusi ‘DESIGN’ P inste h Co a whic ough r from ved th i be der then,


--Dr. Edward de Bono

Defining the Parallel Thinking
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Laying down Ideas along side each other, There is no clash, no dispute, and no true or false Judgement, A Genuine Exploration, Conclusion and Decision, Derive through a “Design Process”.

Everyone is always right. No one is ever right.

Those who need

---Dr. Edward de Bono

must have also Power
Thinking is ultimate Human Resource.

Changes / Transformation

to shape and direct Them.

Separate Ego from Performance Separate Emotion from Logic Separate Creativity from Information

Understanding patterning system of the mind

Dr. Edward de Bono
 The mind works to make sense out of confusion

and uncertainty  The mind works to recognize familiar patterns in the outside world  As soon as such a pattern is recognized the mind switches into it and follows it along--further thinking is unnecessary ...  Unless there are competing patterns, then anything remotely similar to the established pattern will be treated just as if it were that pattern.  Unless there is a competing valley, water which falls quite far away will end up at the center of the valley

Knowledge Society of India

Knowledge Deprived Society
In order to reach the Goal of Creating a Knowledge Society, the majority of the people of India must be helped to overcome “Information Poverty.” The Knowledge Deprived have to be given access to relevant and timely Information and Knowledge to address the roles they should play in the development process.
--Recommondation by National Knowledge Commission, India.

You can analyze the past, but you have to design the future.
As a biological system the human brain handles information in a way that is quite different from traditional information systems. In traditional information systems we store information symbolically and then operate on these symbols accordingly to certain rules (logic, mathematics, grammar etc,). Traditional computers store information in memory and then act upon it with the processor.

In biological systems the information and the receiving surface act together as a self-organizing Information system – which means they produce patterns and arrangements on their own. In biology, information triggers the next stable state of the system.

The Thinking Techniques
Alternatives: How to use concepts as a breeding ground for new ideas: Sometimes we do not look for alternatives at all. This session shows how to extract the concept behind a group of alternatives and then use it to generate further alternatives Focus: When, and how to change the focus of your thinking.The discipline of defining your focus and sticking to it.The attitudes of focusing on matters that are not problem areas. How to generate and use a Creative Hit list.

The Thinking Techniques
Challenge: Breaking free from the limits of accepted ways of operating. With Challenge, we believe that the present way of doing things is not necessarily the best. Challenge is not an attack or criticism. It is the willingness to explore the reasons why we do things the way we do and whether there are any alternatives Random Entry: Using unconnected input to open new lines of thinking. Provocation & Movement: This session explores the nature of perception and how it limits our creativity. The Provocation techniques are designed to challenge these limitations. Movement is a new mental operation that we can use as an alternative to judgment. It allows us to develop a provocative idea into one that is workable and realistic.

The Thinking Techniques
Harvesting: At the end of a Creative Thinking session we normally only take note of the specific ideas that seem practical and have obvious value. We need to make a deliberate harvesting effort to collect ideas and concepts that all less well developed. Main Course Objectives: The overall objective of the 2-day programme is to learn a systematic step-by step approach to generating new ideas and new concepts. This is achieved through the application of a variety of techniques within a formal structure for creative thinking. By the end of the programme, the participants will have learned that creativity is not just a talent or a matter of luck, but rather that it is a skill that can be learned and applied deliberately. Creativity is the cheapest way to get added value to existing assets. --Edward de Bono

Challenge the Concept! Lead to Innovation! Resolve to Creativity!
 Thinking Skill is Life Skill and Human

Resource .  Thinking is The Skill of leading yourself,  Leadership is The Skill of helping others to lead themselves.  We may need to solve some problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward even if the cause remains in place.
 -- Dr. Edward de Bono

The Six Hats Thinking benefits:
        It gives Power. It saves Time. It avoids Ego or goes beyond Ego. It improves Exploration. It fosters Collaboration Behaviour. It gives / improves Values. It improves Innovation and Creativity. We can learn to think Parallel with others.

Explore = Investigate the unknown “ I will regions.

never forgive my education system for not

Mahanayak Kanshiramji

School of Thinking
Director General

Dheemant P R Ambedkar

C-4/207 , NATASHA ENCLAVE , . NIBM , KONDHWA, PUNE–411048. FAX / Ph: 020-26835230 ; M: 9822406581.

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Mahanayak Kanshiramji

School of Thinking
Dheemant P R Ambedkar
Director General
OPP: NIBM , KONDHWA, PUNE–411048. Ph: 020-26835230 Mobile: 9822406581.

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