My name is B V and I am a second year student at the Queensland College of Art.

I participated in the Griffith University International Study Tour to Europe from June 27, 2011 to July 19, 2011. I am presenting a travelogue of my European tour – from the journal of a time traveller.

Time travel is commonly defined with David Lewis’ definition: An object time travels if and only if the difference between its departure and arrival times as measured in the surrounding world does not equal the duration of the journey undergone by the object (Time Travel, J. Hunter, 2004).
Photo: Venice Clock 14/7/2011, taken by B V.

Tardis or tardy?
We may not have found a stargate or a time machine, but my watch indicates that we’ve lost 8 hours! I certainly felt like a time traveller – bemused and befuddled. Certainly bedazzled by Frankfurt’s highlights – Romerberg, Kaiserdom and the Museum fur Moderne Kunst.

Photo of the Tardis from,

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St Agnes is a complex of two buildings:  The convent of the Order of Poor Ladies which is the oldest Prague brick building.  St. Francis church – early Gothic. It has a gothic window which is the earliest in Central Europe.  St. Salvador Church – first example of French Gothic. It is the burial place of King Wenceslas I and St. Agnes (St Agnes of Bohemia Convent, 2011).  And a permanent time traveller – it has a ghost!
Photo: Gothic Window 5/7/11 by B V.

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Step back in time – explore the Old Town Square: Varied architecture styles including: • the Gothic Tyn Church and • The Baroque St. Nicholas Church • The Jan Hus Memorial to commemorate the religious reformer’s death – he was burnt at the stake. And my favourite: • The Astronomical Clock mounted in the southern wall of the Old Town City Hall. It has 3 main components: • The Astronomical Dial representing the celestial position of sun and moon. • The Walk of the Apostles with other moving figures. (Death is a skeleton.) • A calendar dial with medallions representing the months of the year. (Prague Astronomical Clock, 2011).

Photo: Prague 5/7/11 by B V.

Our 3 hour tour around the Hradcany district to Prague Castle passed: Schwarzenberg Palace: home to the National Gallery collection of late Renaissance art. The palace is a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture. The sgraffito decoration on the palace walls create an illusion that the walls are made of pyramid shaped stones (Schwarzenberg Palace, 2011). The towers of St. Vitas Cathedral dominate the skyline above Prague Palace. St Vitas has a long history of the coronations of the Czech kings and queens. It is the site of the royal family crypt, the final resting place of King Wenceslas and the repository of the crown jewels. Our walk continued to ‘the hanging tree’ and concluded in the palace gardens, famed for the magnificent panoramic view (St. Vitas Cathedral, 2011).

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Nefertiti at the New
Museum, Berlin.
Exhibits at the Neues Museum include the Egyptian, Prehistory and Early History collections. Exhibits include the iconic bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The famous statue dwells in a private guarded room, protected by plate glass. Photographs are strictly forbidden. The sculptor Thutmose is attributed with the creation of the statue, as it was found in his workshop. Nefertiti is shrouded in mystery. As her remains have never been recovered, her parentage is not known with certainty. The exact dates of when Nefertiti was married to Akhenaten and promoted to his queen are uncertain. About the 14th year of Akhenaten’s reign, Nefertiti vanishes from historical record . (Nefertiti, 2001 – 2005). Oh that time travel could enable one to go back to the past – to know this fascinating, beautiful woman.

Buste der Nofretete, Photo: Jurgen Liepe

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The tour draws to an close as we arrive in Milan. A beautiful city from the impressive Duomo to the 19th century glass vaulted shopping arcade – the marvellous Galleria Vittorio Manuele II. Pausing to look at the fashion boutiques and restaurants, we wended our way to the Piazza della Scala. The Opera house and museum were another step back in time with glittering chandeliers and a wonderful costume display. On to the Castello Sforzesco, to photograph the vigorous fountain, the imposing medieval castle and fortress. At last, we have reached the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie - The Last Supper!
Photo: Galleria Vittorio Manuele II, 18/7/11 by B V.


Image from _Supper_(Leonardo),2011.

Brandenberg Concerto No. 6 mvt1 Johann Sebastian Bach Performer: US Army Band Gymnopedie No. 1 Eric Satie Performer: Kevin Macleod ISRC: US-UAN-11-00787 Minute Waltz Opus 64 no. 1 Chopin Beatsuite Podcast Royalty free music library Mary Taylor Hayward Hungarian Dance No. 5 Johannes Brahms US Army Band String Orchestra hhtp://

Marius’ Tale Peter John Ross 3M426TWM Trio Sonata for Flutes and Piano, in A minor – II Georg Telemann Performer: Emily Stark

Romance De Juegos Prohobidos Francisco Tarrega Performer: Jim Greeninger
Op.07Concerto 04 per archi in Sol, Allegro 100908 Concerto della Madonna dei fiori, 03 T.Albinoni, Orchestra Gli Armonici Camino Feute (1) Peter John Ross 3M426TWM

Modern Jazz Samba Performer: Kevin Macleod ISCR: US-UAN-11-00153 (Latin Sounds)

 

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