 What is a Data Store Object(DSO)?  Components of Data Store Object(DSO)

 Properties of an Data Store Object(DSO)

Data Store Object(DSO)
 DSO is an info provider which is made of several info

objects.  These info objects may be characteristic info objects or key figure info objects.  We cannot insert attribute as an info object in a info cube.  But info objects with attributes can be inserted as info objects.

Components of an DSO
 Data Store Object(DSO) consists of Key Fields and Data

 

Fields. Primary key fields(Only Characteristic info objects) on which the data must be analyzed are placed under Key fields. All Key Figure objects must be placed under Data fields. Characteristic info objects can be placed either under Key fields or Data fields. When ever we insert a KF info object under data fields the corresponding unit will be automatically in the data fields only.

Properties and Behavior
 DSO possess Replacement property.
 Depending on the key fields the old records will be

replaced by the new records.  Even the characteristic info object values in the data fields differ for the 2 records the replacement happens if the characteristic info object values are same in the key fields.  Info cubes are used for storing data for around 1-2 years.

New , Active and Change log
 Wherever the data first comes into the DSO it is stored in

the NEW table.  After the request is activated the data in the NEW table gets transported to the ACTIVE and CHANGE table and the records will become empty in the NEW table.  When you again insert data into the DSO the changes to the existing records and the new records can be seen in the CHANGE log.  Record mode will be N for the new records . It will be ‘ ‘ for the updated record and will be ‘X’ for the old record.

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