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Why magicbricks.com Data Speak – Why Technology Developer Survey What consumers want Conclusion

It is the interface between consumers and developers When surveyed:
◦ Developers want technology to counter the manpower & labour crunch ◦ Consumers want technology that will meet their standards and lifestyle needs ◦ Manpower needs to see a career path in real estate industry

Tech company in the fragmented Real Estate sector
• Privy to : A Bird’s Eye View • Captures : Visible consumer nuances

Develops Indices

• Market Pointers • Capturing Industry-Consumer sentiment

Knowledge Partner to Housing & Real Estate industry

How can our Data give a Boost to Housing & Real Estate industry? How can we Collaborate? Lets “Enhance this Ecosystem”

67% of employers report skills shortage in the Managerial Cadres in the construction industry
Crisis at Mid-management and Supervisory levels

Fewer companies prefer hiring Fresh Graduates
Source: TimesJobs.com

Resource Management Problem Solving Project Management Team Management Communication Technical Knowledge Risk Management Negotiation

17% 16% 15% 12% 12% 10% 10% 8%

– Retention of existing talent – Ageing workforce – Talent crunch at Junior level

– Increased operating cost – Miss project deadline – Increased workload for staff – Outsource workforce – Loss in business

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Workforce will remain the same Workforce will decrease Workforce will increase
Whatever the outcome, without Technology a crisis is imminent!

39% 32% 29%

Application-based Education through
◦ Increased Industry & Academia Alliances ◦ Emphasis on Internship Programmes ◦ PG Certified Training Courses 35% 20% 19%

◦ Contemporary University Courses


◦ Niranjan Hiranandani
“There was a time when if I had to employ 1,000 labourers, I had 5,000 applicants. Today If I need 1,000 labourers, I get only about 200 applicants.”

◦ Rajnikant Ajmera

“Labour availability is increasingly scarce, especially because of large scale projects like CWG and NREGA”

◦ Rajnikant Ajmera
Challenges are Television exposure leads to higher expectation among labour force Construction industry is the last choice for trained manpower Technologically we are much behind the world; Material - strike on sand, steel prices going up; cement manufacturers creating artificial supplies - all these result in delays.

◦ Ramani Sastri

“Nobody has given thought to the capital expenditure. All developers are using solar panels as a means to an end – to get the available green incentive.”

◦ Sushil Mantri

“I think it is a criminal waste to use solar for heating water. It makes sense to use it for lighting common areas etc. Especially in the night time when you don’t need that intensity.”

Over 60% developers agree that there is acute shortage of technology Most vote for large-scale developments as the ideal format for residential units–
◦ Integrated Townships ◦ Special Residential Zones 57% 42%

The need for technology is even more if these formats are to be replicated…

Indian developers go easy on technology in housing projects because :



Technology not available in India Manpower constraint Expertise lacking


Prohibitive costs

No economies of scale


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Land is fragmented in India Smaller phases with fewer units Weak access to capital Materials supply Labour shortages Slow sanctions

What measures need to be taken for Capacity Building?
Training of workforce Knowledge transfer

32.1% 60.7%
Academic alliances

Consumer Wants
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Residential districts – scale, maintenance, lifestyle Speedy delivery – not over a year from booking Multi-storey buildings Power & water efficient devices Effective waste recycling

Need of the hour

Which of the following technologies is important before you buy a house?
5.2% 2.9%

Water harvesting
5.8% 2.8%

Waste management
Power saving features Sustainable practices

Writing is on the wall
◦ Apprenticeship Credits at Student Level ◦ Creating Training Opportunities for construction services like operating machinery, plumbing, carpentry etc. to offer them as a career path ◦ Speed-up construction processes with Technology Infusion

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