• Introduction of Staff and Coaches Coach Pete Smolin Paperwork Practice schedule and location • CV Football Philosophy (manual) • Respect & Commitment • Paperwork (academics grade checks under 2.00 • Fundraising – (Booster Club) • Volunteer Hours / Donations – Refund • Equipment Issue • All contributions must be current before equipment is issued. Sign up Sheets/ and website • Closing Remarks .$400.Coach Pete Smolin ..Vacations • Weight Lifting requirement • Team Rules • Calendar -Vacations • website • Missed practice sessions • Tardiness • School Absences • Injuries • OT= Opportunity Time • Not allowed to leave school campus • Spirit Packs. • Replica Jerseys? • Football Media Guide – Funded by football Ads parents & volunteers • Blackhawk Booster Club Volunteers.0 any F’s no practice) • CIF Rules • 25 Sessions before the 1st game • Dead Period . .

3 Key Ingredients that go into a successful program Committed group of athletes & staff + Supportive Administration & School Staff + Parent & Community Support = .

This is the BEST time to schedule summer vacations. . This means that the only contact the Coaches may have with the players is for weight-training only.Dead-Period Our football Dead-Period is July 15th to August 4th.

Pete Smolin (Athletic Director) • Melissa Wuest (Athletic trainer) . Lock (Assistant Principal) ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT • Mr. Marcell (Assistant Principal) • Mrs. Cavanagh (Principal) • Mr. Thornbugh .ADMINISTRATION • Mr.

coaches reviews and individual competitions (for 10 total hours of programming).A. from May to August depending on state and local rules.P. The program is run over the course of one week (two hours per day).• NFL CAMP in JULY at CV July 26-30 • The High School Player Development program is comprised of fundamental skill development by position. • Preparing for life after school • Character development modules • Succesful use of student planner • On-field training is comprised of: • Focusing on offensive position of your choosing (for half of on-field time) • Focusing on defensive position of your choosing (for half of on-field time) • Applying newly learned fundamentals to live drills . • Character Development is comprised of: • Preparing for standardized tests • Maintaining G.


Bishop Amat week 2 Saturday 9/18 10:00 Gold @ Jurupa Valley week 3 Saturday 9/25 10:00 @ Murrieta Mesa week 4 BYE week 5 Saturday 10/9 10:00 vs Taquitz week 6 Saturday 10/16 11:00 vs Serrano week 7 Monday 10/25 4pm @ Desert Hot Springs week 8 Saturday 10/30 10:00 vs Ontario Christian week 9 Saturday 11/6 11:00 Gold vs Mater Dei week 9 Monday 11/8 4pm vs Desert Hot Springs week 10 Saturday 11/13 10:00 @ Crespi .2010 CITRUS VALLEY BLACKHAWKS FRESHMEN FOOTBALL SCHEDULE • • • • • • • • • • • • • week 0 Saturday 9/4 10:00 vs Orange Lutheran week 1 Saturday 9/11 10:00 @ Schurr week 2 Thursday 9/16 3:30 Black vs.

net Scott Jewsbury 909 864-8640 sjewce@aol.org Ross Lapham (951) 830-2676 rlapham@accurateacoustics.Blackhawk Booster Board President Lee Hamblin (909) 862-8958 lhamblin@sbcsd.org MEETING TH JUNE 9 RM B-11 7PM .com 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Jennifer Hamblin (909) 862-8958 Jhamblin@sbscd.com Heidi Vazquez (909) 864-4041 sergioheidi@roadrunner.

•Addresses many of the questions you may have.•Covers information about the overall approach of the football program at CV. .



•Be the Best Community Member You Can Be. Accomplish These and the Winning Will Take Care Of Itself… .Citrus Valley Blackhawk Football Philosophy: •Be the Best Person You Can Be •Be the Best Student/Athlete You Can Be. •Be the Best Family Member That You Can Be.

= OPPORTUNITY TIME TO MAKE UP FOR MISSED WORK ETC. practices. Follow the action/consequences chart.COM WWW.COM . & SIT OUT GAME/EVENT DEMOTION O. The above chart is a basic guide for day to day events.T. (PLAYERS NOT ATTENDING WORKOUTS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY) ACTION TARDINESS UNEXCUSED TARDINESS ABSENCE UNEXCUSED ABSENCE OUT OF UNIFORM NOT HUSTLING/ FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS DIRECTED CURSING MISSED OFF-SEASON WORK-OUT CONSEQUENCE 2 LAPS 2 LAPS & O. refer to the player’s manual regarding other issues. DEMOTION or DISMISSAL O. (PLAYING TIME IN JEOPARDY) QUARTER-GAME O.T. For your safety year-round weight training and Conditioning is mandatory. and events. these policies are very important.T. O.BLACKHAWK FOOTBALL PLAYER’S POLICIES • • • • • • • • You must attend all meetings. Do not stand around in practice. O. once the horn sounds the drill is over and sprint to next drill.T.T. & SIT OUT GAME/EVENT. O. O.CITRUSVALLEYFOOTBALL. Do not use foul language directed at an individual. please call/e-mail ahead if you will be late. or argue with a player or coach. pay attention and help out! Hustle full speed in practice. please call/e-mail ahead if you know you will miss Be prompt for all meetings and practice sessions. FOOTBALL OFFICE: 909-799-2320 E-MAIL: PETESMOLIN@GMAIL.T.T. look like a WINNER.T. Be properly dressed in uniform.

meetings. •To make all decisions predicated on what is best for the team & then what is best for the individual. . •To help you reach your goals (goal setting sheets. •To treat you as a young man & to love and respect you. •To do everything within our power to make CV an exemplary place to go to school and play sports. •To help you mature and grow as a young man.•To be loyal to our players in all areas. OUR COACHES COACH LOUD. etc). •To work you harder than you have ever worked before so you have an opportunity to reach the high goals set on & off the field. AGGRESSIVE & ON THE HOP! •To assist you in any way possible now & after graduation. •To be honest.

•You may sign it and turn it in to me at the end of this evening.•Extremely important document •Serves as our roadmap to success •Allows the players to understand what is expected of them •Must be signed by parent and player ASAP. .

Strength.•Training for Movement on the Football Field (Triple Extension Movements) as opposed to training for shape & size •Speed. Dynamic Flexibility through Olympic Lifts •Utilization of the BFS Program •3 Coaches are currently Certified (All our staff has strength & conditioning experience) .

•Parents are a key part of our program. Players will no doubt have questions at times & are strongly encouraged to communicate with the coaches so the lines of communication are always open. an appointment will be made. . Should a meeting warrant. •We are assisting your son in developing into a solid young man and need you to support our objectives. The athlete will be present with his parent in addition to Coach Smolin and an assistant (and/or school administrator). •Parent meeting protocol is: Meetings with parents are only held after a player and coach have met and a situation was unable to be resolved. There are opportunities to get involved in the Boosters and Football Parents Organization to enrich your son’s football experience. •Meetings are generally held between coaches and players. •Players are expected to communicate with coaches so they develop into responsible young men.

PLAYERS MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING FOR SUMMER PRACTICE: •2010 Spirit Pack ($200.00 *check to be made out to Blackhawk Football Boosters) •Cleats (Black or combination of Black/with some White) •Athletic Clearance Forms includes updated Physical •Outline To Success Contract (Winners Manual) •NFL HSPD CAMP form •Lock for football locker (form) .

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