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WHAT'S 2G SCAM? (how did it involve, how was it revealed by Subramaniam Swamy)
INTRODUCTION TO 2G SCAM In the year 2008, the Telecom Ministry under Mr.A.Raja issued 122 Licenses of the 2 G Spectrum to 85companiesincluding many new TelecomCompanieswith little or no experience in the telecom sector, at a price set in the year 2001 as there was a 20 times increase in the demand of telecom related services.

Click to loss is subject to confirmation by experts, as the The estimatededit Master subtitle style figures given in theAudit Reportare only on assumed values. The loss is said to be around Rs 60 000 crores.


Flaws in the manupilated procedure

The Process of allocation of the 2-GSpectrum Licenses did not reflect the correct values, And there was no proper auction and The entire process of allocation was flawed And benefiting selectedcompanies. Out of 122 Licenses issued 85 had been given to ineligible and 5/5/12 inexperiencedcompaniesand

Companies ineligible for the 2G-Spectrum Licenses:-

Loop Telecom, Videocon Telecommunications, S Tel Ltd. Swan Telecom, which has since been partly acquired by the UAE's Etisalat , was given licences even though a unit of No. 2 telecoms firm Reliance Communications held over 10% of equity, a violation of rules.


Subramaniam Swamy

Dr.Subramania Swamy had filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India seeking permission to sue the then Telecom Minister Mr.A.Raja in the 2G-Scam.

Mr.Raja was asked about his conversations with Mrs.Niira Click to edit Lobbyist and he was questioned about the Radia, a CorporateMaster subtitle style pre-poning the cut-off date by one week for the Spectrum Application in the year 2007.


Names involved
Politicians, Ministers and Parliamentarians involved Andimuthu Raja,Union Cabinet Minister for Communications and Information Technology. M. K. Kanimozhi,Member of Rajya Sabha. Bureaucrats involved Siddhartha Behura,Civil Servant (IASofficer of 1973 batch UP cadre): He was the Telecom secretary who served in the Click to edit Master subtitle style DOT at the time of the 2G allocation. Pradip Baijal,Civil Servant (IASofficer of 1966 batch MP cadre): He is alleged to have recommended policies that favored certain Telecom companies when he was heading the TRAI R K Chandolia,Civil Servant(IESofficer of 1984 batch cadre): He was private secretary of Raja during UPA-I when the licences were awarded.

Corporations involved Aircel Loop Mobile Sistema Shyam Mobile (MTS) Sistema Mobile Russia Reliance Communications Swan Telecom Tata Tele Services Unitech Group Videocon Telecommunications Limited Vodafone Essar Virgin Mobile India Airtel Corporate personalitiessubtitle style Click to edit Master involved Anil Ambani-RelianceGroup (ADAG)[15]Ratan Tata Shahid Balwa-Swan Telecom(nowEtisalat DB) Vinod Goenka-Swan Telecom(nowEtisalat DB) Venugopal Dhoot-VideoconGroup


Corporate personalities involved Anil Ambani-RelianceGroup (ADAG)[15]Ratan Tata Shahid Balwa-Swan Telecom(nowEtisalat DB) Vinod Goenka-Swan Telecom(nowEtisalat DB) Venugopal Dhoot-VideoconGroup Prashant Ruia -EssarGroup
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Sanjay Chandra, Managing Director ofUnitech Ltdand Unitech Wireless All of them have either been questioned by theCBIor are prospective suspects in the scam.

Media persons and lobbyists involved Nira Radia, a former airline entrepreneur turned corporate lobbyist whose conversations with politicians and corporate entities were recorded by the government authorities

Barkha Dutt, a journalist who works withNDTV

P. Chidambaram, current Union Cabinet Minister for Home Affairs: Subramaniamto edit Master subtitle style the 2G Click Swamystates that when Spectrum rate was finalised, P.Chidambaram was the finance minister of India


Response to scam

In early November 2010 Telecom Minister A Raja resigned.

In mid november,issued show-cause notices to Unitech, S Tel, Loop Mobile, Datacom (Videocon), and Etisalat.

Some media sources have speculated that these companies will receive large fines but not have their licenses revoked, as they are currently providing some consumer service.

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The Govt of India has replaced the then incumbent Telecom minister,A. RajawithKapil Sibalwho has taken up this charge in addition to being the Union minister for Human Resources Development.

TheCBIconducted raids

Manipulation Of Scrips


Manipulation - buying or selling a security for the purpose of creating a false appearance of active trading.

Or buying or selling the security for the purpose of raising or depressing the price in order to induce others to buy or sell it.

When someone tries to influence the price of a company's Click to edit Master subtitle style shares in an illegal or unfair way for their own advantage.


Stock ManipulationKETAN PAREKH


Stock Manipulation-KETAN PAREKH

Ketan Parekh can best be described as the Pied Piper of Dalal Street.

Ketan Parekhis a former stock broker fromMumbai,India, who was convicted in 2008, for involvement in the Indian stock market manipulation scam in late 1999-2001. Currently he has been debarred from trading in the Indian stock exchanges till 2017.

Parekh, whichedit Master subtitle style prices by making his Click to he used to rig up stock interest apparent. In no time, scrips like Visualsoft rose from Rs 625 to Rs 8,448 per share and Sonata Software from Rs 90 to Rs 2,150.

As SEBI investigated, it was evident that bank and promoter funds were used to rig the markets. Parekh was arrested.

Badla was banned and operators could not carry forward 5/5/12 trade in its primitive form.


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