com) . magicbricks. Pradip Dutta EXTERNAL GUIDE: (TBSL) INTERNAL GUIDE: Prof.COMPANY NAME: magicbricks.Atanu Upadhyay (Zonal manager. is a real estate property portal  Launched by TBSL . to cater the need of customers . location map service.August 2006. sms.COMPANY PROFILE  Magicbricks. as a platform to bring together property seekers and sellers in real estate industry  Providing services in over 20 cities across India  Has been using a host of tools like e-mail alerts.


Objectives • To gather knowledge about different media used by builders for advertising real estate projects and properties • Which media are more frequently used for advertising properties than other media • Finding out the objective/s of builders for advertising their properties and projects • To search for any significant trend of advertising by different categories of builders as per type of media used .

Jessore Road. Salt lake. other regions of South Kolkata . like DumDum Road. • Sample Size : 50 units • Sampling Area: Different regions of Kolkata.Research methodology • Sampling Technique: Structured questionnaire prepared and surveyed through meeting/interviewing different individual builders and representatives/ employee of real estate companies • Data Collection : Primary Source • Research Instrument: Questionnaire • Sampling Unit: Representatives or employees of the real estate companies and the builders themselves. Howrah. Tollygunj. Garia.

findings and recommendations are based on data of 50 respondents surveyed • Respondents surveyed were all builders dealing with residential properties only • Results of the research may show variations if carried out at a different time period .Limitations of research • Research confined to only certain regions of Kolkata. so result or trend found here may not be applicable in general to entire Kolkata or industry • Analysis.

DATA INTERPRETATION Respondents surveyed according to the category of real estate builders Respondents Using Any of the media to advertise their properties 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 8% Advertise 32 Small enterprise or individual builder 13 Medium enterprise builder 5 Large or Corporate enterprise 92% Do not advertise Advertise 46 Do not advertise 4 .

only for 2% of the respondents it is least important medium For 98% of respondents word of mouth is significant in bringing new business opportunities. .Extent to which real estate builders rely on word of mouth for spreading awareness and promoting their properties and getting customers 25 20 15 10 5 0 Highly Very much dependent dependent Somewhat dependent Negligible Not at all 42% respondents highly rely on word of mouth.

Main objective of advertising real estate properties or projects by builders To attract/gain customers To attract customers & create awareness about properties/project To attract customers& create/spread brand name All of three 0 5 10 12 22 1 11 15 20 25 24% respondents consider attracting customers as only objective for advertising properties For 44% of the respondents. creating awareness for their projects and creating or spreading brand name are equally important objectives for advertising their properties/projects . both attracting customers and creating awareness about their real estate properties are equally important as objectives For 22% respondents attracting customers.

Different media used by builders for advertising their properties 16 14 Builders advertising their properties through more than one media 14 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 12 10 8 6 9 33 4 4 31 18 2 0 SMALL ENTERPRISE OR INDIVIDUAL BUILDERS MEDIUM ENTERPRISE /BUILDERS LARGE /CORPORATE ENTERPRISE Print media Outdoor media Electronic media Builder category Small enterprise/individual Medium enterprise Large enterprise builder 14 9 4 .

Respondents Using Print Media For Advertising Their Properties 35 30 25 Typse of print media used by respondents for advertising properties 28% 20 USERS NON-USERS 72% 15 10 33 16 5 0 NEWSPAPER 3 MAGAZINES BROCHURES/FLIERS USERS 33 NON-USERS 13 All respondents who use print media use newspaper for advertising their properties apart from advertising through other print media .

Respondents Using Outdoor media for advertising real estate properties/ projects Types of outdoor media used by respondents for advertising 22% 33% 67% USERS NON-USERS BILLBOARDS HOARDINGS 39% BANNERS KIOSKS 0% 7% 32% BOARDS USERS 31 NON-USERS 15 Of respondents who advertise through outdoor media. many of them use more than one type of outdoor tool for advertising .

Respondents using electronic media for advertising their properties Types of electronic media used by respondents for advertising real state properties 5% 0% RADIO 39% 61% USERS NON-USERS TELEVISION INTERNET 95% USERS 18 NON USERS 28 All respondents using electronic media for advertising properties. one respondent also advertise through radio . advertise though internet.

consider it more cost-effective than other media .  Significant number of individual builders were found not at all being aware about concept of internet advertising  Builders using internet portals for advertising.FINDINGS  Advertising considered as important tool for creating awareness and for attracting prospective customers  Word of mouth serves as the common mode for promoting properties and for getting prospective customers  Builders look to fulfill multiple objectives through advertising  Most builders preferred newspaper advertisement over others for getting prospective customers  Electronic media used by least number of builders surveyed.

through conducting fairs.RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION  Opportunity lies for magicbricks.effective service packages should be introduced for attracting small enterprises or individual builders  Efforts should be made to ensure that existing client get responses for their advertisement faster . seminars especially for them  Large pool of small and medium enterprise builders and individual builders exists who can become successful business opportunity  Magicbricks. to increase its interaction with those with little knowledge about internet should make its presence more visible by advertising vigorously through various media channels  Cost.

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