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INTRODUCTION : Visakhapatnam was an ancient Port city Had trade relations with the Middle East and Rome. Loaded with cargo transported & from Visakhapatnam shore by means of small Masula boats. It has become a settlement of a branch of East India Company in 1682.


LOCATION OF PORT IN VIZAG: Port of Visakhapatnam is one of the leading major ports of India.

The Port is located on the east coast of India At a latitude of 17041' North and longitude of 83017' East and the time zone is GMT + 5:30.

HINDUSTAN SHIPYARD LTD.VISHAKAPATNAM: HSL is the oldest and one of the largest shipyard in vizag. Establishes under the private sector in 1941 and nationalized in 1961. The yard has a wide range of merchant vessels, passenger vessels, and drilling platforms. The yard facilities include three slipways, covered building dock wet-basin outfit engineering shops. The shipyard has a workforce of about 3,000 . Capacity to process about 1,000-1,200 tonnes of steel per month.


Covered Building Dock


First vessel in Vizag

view of the ship yard


1st hitech drill ship built by ONGC





FACILITIES IN VIZAG: HSL shipyard is about 46.2 hectares (0.462 km2). Its provides Facilities like : welding facilities storage facilities Testing and measuring facilities. Plasma cutting machines Steel processing material handling equipment cranes logistics It has a dry dock, wet basin and repair delphin for ship and submarine repair and retrofitting.

OPPORTUNITIES: The Shipping Industry offers job opportunities for thousands of people in India. Shipping job is one of the oldest careers offered with charm, income and a unique lifestyle. The jobs include : Merchant Navy Jobs, Cruise ship Jobs, Freight Jobs, Bulk carrier companies and Oil tanker jobs.

CONTRIBUTION TO ECONOMY :When compared to World Shipping Tonnage the share of Indian Shipping Tonnage as in term of tonnage (GT) by Flag of Registration stood at : 1.19% on 1.1.2006, 1.16% on1.1.2007 and 1.18% on 1.1.2008 as per data available.

Cargo handling equipment

DescriptionCapacityAvailability in Nos. Electric Wharf Cranes capacity:10T-09 Electric Wharf Cranes capacity:15T-10 Electric Wharf Cranes capacity:20T-04 Harbour Mobile Cranes (on hire) capacity:140T-02 Harbour Mobile Cranes (BOT operator) capacity:104T-03 Locos ( General Traffic) capacity:1400HP-08 Locos ( O H C ) capacity:1430 HP-07 Locos (General Traffic) capacity:3100 HP-03 Floating crane (Bheema) capacity:140 T cap-01 Floating crane (Hanuman) capacity:55 T cap-01


SIZE 244x38x12 mtrs

CAPACITY 70,000 dwt

CRANES 2x40 tons 2x10 tons

Wet Basin

226x75x10 mtrs

70,000 dwt

1x45 tons 1x20 tons 1x10 tons

Repair Delphin

150 mtrs

20,000 dwt

1x20 tons





Covered Building Dock Slipway No.1 Slipway No.2 Slipway No.3 Out fitting Jetty

240x53x11.25 mtrs 140x22.7 mtrs 195x28 mtrs 195x28 mtrs 550 meters

80,000 dwt 15,000 dwt 30,000 dwt 30,000 dwt All ships

300 tons 100 and 60 tons 2x45 & one 35 tons 2x45 & one 35 tons 1x120 tons, 1x50 tons, 1x25 tons

Dock side working platform High pressure water jet cleaning Grit Blasting facility Use of hydraulic elevators and scissor lifts for works Dynamic balancing facilities Repairs of all types of vessels, Drill rigs, Naval Vessels Dedicated design department Large scale steel renewals Dedicated and qualified personnel

Pilot NOR(Notice Of Readiness) Voice Charter Time Charter Lay can Charter Party Light Dues Pratique NRT GRT Drafts Surveyor SAF Demurrage


The ships agent is the maritime Mr. Fixit; the local expertise who will represent the owner in every port the ship visits.

Duties Of Shipping Agents

Booking the vessel in and out of the port, and arranging the pilot and tug boat services Providing information on the crew and any passengers to the department of immigration and citizenship, including who has visas Ensuring that the ships documentation complies with international regulations as this will be inspected by Customs when they board the ship Preparing the quarantine pre-arrival report (QPAR) which provides details on the crew, the ships previous route and any deaths or illnesses which may have occurred during the voyage Advising Customs of the ships arrival and reporting the cargo on board Logistics involved with provisions and fuel

Providing the stevedores ship planner with the manifest which gives detailed information on the cargo to be handled Liaising with stevedores and terminal operators regarding the safe handling of containers, break-bulk and bulk liquids, and ensuring that the master is well aware of shore requirements and vice versa. crew changes, any associated immigration documentation and arrangements such as booking flights paying the crew ship services including repairs and maintenance.

Types Of Shipping Agents

Port Agents Linear Agents Own Agencies

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