Sewing Thread

Types of Sewing thread being used in the garments industry of Bangladesh

1.Polyester Corespun Thread 2.Spun Polyester Thread 3.Staple Spun Cotton Thread 4.Textured Polyester Thread 5.Polyester Cotton Corespun Thread 6.Trilobal Polyester Thread

) 1.g. Uses: Mainly used in topstitching of shirts. Epic(Coats). e. Two or more of these composite yarns are then twisted together to give the necessary size and tensile strength. sportswear . jeans & work clothes. trousers. blouses.Polyester Corespun Thread: This type of thread is produced by spinning staple polyester fibre around a core of high tenacity continuous filament polyester in yarn-spinning operation. .Sewing Thread (Contd.

thereby avoiding problems like seam pucker. The continuous filament core (Having high tenacity) provides superior strength while the staple polyester cover helps to protect the inner core from damage due to needle heat. Its resistance to abrasion helps ensure long seam life in a wide variety of materials.) Key Characteristics: - Exceptionally strong. Fine threads can be used for delicate fabric without compromising on strength.Sewing Thread (Contd. - - .

Uses: Mainly for overedging. Astra (Coats) Key Characteristics: - High tenacity of polyester ensures greater strength and thereby high abrasion resistance. Spun Polyester Thread: Staple polyester fibres are spun into polyester yarn.g. trousers. e.) 2. Very least amount of shrinkage (less than 1%) compared to cotton thread. blouses etc. jackets. Then two or more of spun polyester yarns are twisted together to produce spun polyester thread. of shirts. knitwear.Sewing Thread (Contd. Also used for general seaming .

Staple Spun Cotton Thread: Normally long staple cotton fibres are spun into cotton yarn. Very high amount of shrinkage compared to synthetic thread.) 3. dymax (Coats) Key Characteristics: - - 100% cotton thread have relatively low strength and elongation compared to those in synthetic thread . therefore they need relatively light sewing tension and high stitch densities.Sewing Thread (Contd. Then two or more ply of spun cotton yarn are twisted together to produce spun cotton thread. .g. e.

Staple Spun Cotton Thread: .Sewing Thread (Contd.100% cotton thread is mercerized (treatment with caustic solution under tension) to provide greater luster and higher strength. cotton thread is not damaged at high temperature generated by needle. Uses: Mainly used in sewing cotton garments that are to be post dyed.) 3. .During sewing . .

Key features: . e. Textured Polyester Thread: Made from textured continuous polyester filament.High extensibility and seam strength enhance higher seam security. swimwear.g.Provides high softness and comfort. Gramax (Coats). (Note.g. . babywear etc.Sewing Thread (Contd. Uses: Mainly used in “next to the skin” seams for high softness .e.) 4.texturing means modification by applying crimp to the filament) . Also widely used in overlocking and covering stitches for high extensibility and seam security. underware. - .

dual duty (Coats).Made of polyester filament in the core and staple cotton fibre which wraps polyester filament.g. Polyester Cotton Corespun Thread: .Sewing Thread (Contd. e. Two or three plies of this yarn are twisted together to make thread. Uses: fine cotton denim shirts .) 5. outdoor wear etc.This thread has been developed to improve the properties cotton and to get the opportunities of both cotton and polyester fibre. good strength and cotton core protects poly core from needle heat and high ironing temperature. .Very low shrinkage. Key features: . .

-Trilobal poly is a multiple filament. . Trilobal Polyester thread: . It has the bright appearance of rayon or silk. Uses: embroidery for garment.Sewing Thread (Contd. high-sheen continuous fiber thread. Triangular shaped fibers reflect more light and give an attractive sparkle to textiles.) 6. twisted.Newly developed polyester fibre to improve the dullness of usual polyester fibre.

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