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Water Pollution

Prof. Rafia Mallic

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Syed Zain Ali


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Long list of pollutants in the ocean including garbage, toxic waste, vehicle and boating pollution, waste water, oils, farming, and agriculture.
Pollution can be caused by humans or the environment

Top two major pollutants are

toxic waste chemicals
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When people dump waste or spray chemical

That kills corals, aquatic mammals, fishes, sea birds, sea snakesm and reptiles (that eats fish and other sea creatures)

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Types of water pollution in rivers and lakes

Toxic pollutants
pesticides, herbicides and industrial compounds

organic material
manure and sewage produces decomposers Nitrogen and phosphates are other types of organic material.
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Thermal pollution
Water reduces the oxygen after heating it

Ecological pollution
result of the environment polluting Dead animals and landslides toxic components in the lava volcanic eruption

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How Does Water Pollution Affect the life?

Used in the home environment Farms Industrial manufacturing

Sewage feed algae Red tides Red tides release toxins that kill fish Pathogens (human waste & Sewage runoff)
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Industrial and automotive runoff coat the skin of fish

plastics biodegrade Plastic bags in the water look like jellyfish

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Radioactive Waste
industrial pollution military waste genetic defects

Noise Pollution
boats and drilling Stress

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Mirza Furqan Baig


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Temperature changes by power plants

Water Pollution and the Food Chain

Mammals at top of the food chain are exposed to higher levels of toxins Marine mammals rely on blubber to regulate body temperatures Blubber animals have large amounts of fat
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Two- thirds of marine life is endangered now. Three main reasons to endangered
trash and chemicals in the ocean animals like turtles, choke on garbage because they think its food toxic waste harms one organism; it will end up harming a whole food chain of marine life

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How to Control Water Pollution

Control water pollution in your home
using non-toxic soaps, detergents and cleaning products Refrain the use of chemical fertilizers dispose of paints and other harmful chemicals

Protect groundwater
critical for drinking water and natural ecosystems Improperly stored chemicals can seep into the groundwater system inside of structures with cement floors, to avoid groundwater contamination
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Prevent polluted runoff and soil erosion
Rain washes toxic pollutants Plant bushes and trees along roads Roots of trees and bushes can slow the speed of runoff protecting surface water

Promote more sustainable agricultural methods Enforce stricter mandatory laws regarding water pollution
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Anoxic Water

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Midnight zone is called anoxic water There is no or hardily any dissolved oxygen in the water Ninety percent of the ocean is the midnight zone. This zone happens to be the bottom zone, so it is completely dark.

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It is very important that we address the issues that affect the ocean. Ninety percent of sea creatures live in the sunlight zone, which is the zone that is most affected by global warming and oil pollution. We must stop these problems because if we dont, we will hurt and maybe even kill our sea life and ourselves.

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