• Akbar The Great • Deen-e-illahi Modified by Akbar • Why Akbar's din-e-elahi not succeed? .

• Akbar. • Akbar was an ambitious and noble commander . • Akbar become the new Mughal ruler at the age of 14. the eldest son of humayun. • Akbar was considered the real founder of the Mughal empire in INDIA.Akbar The Great • Akbar’s full name Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar Badshah Ghazi.

Akbar The Great Great administrator • developed a centralized government • It delegated 15 provinces each under a governor and each province into districts and each district was further sub-divided into smaller sections. • Developed his own faith call Din-i-Ilahi • Din-i-Ilahi was a mixture of the other religions Akbar had studied from those debates. . Best known for tolerance of his subjects (especially Hindus) • Removed poll taxes on Hindus Invited religious scholars to debate him in his private chambers.

sensuality. considering them. Various pious Muslims.• From the discussions he led at the Ibādat Khāna. It prohibits lust.[5] . • Dīn-i Ilāhī appears to have survived Akbar according to the Dabestān-e Mazāheb of Mubad Shah (Mohsin Fani). However. slander and pride. There are neither sacred scriptures nor a priestly hierarchy in this religion. the movement never numbered more than 19 adherents.[4] • Din-i-Ilahi was more of an ethical system. responded by declaring this to be blasphemy to Islam. Akbar concluded that no single religion could claim the monopoly of truth. among them the Qadi of Bengal and the seminal Sufi personality Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi. This inspired him to create the Dīn-i Ilāhī in 1581.[2] Celibacy is respected and the slaughter of animals is forbidden.

• Over time. Din Ilahi was an eclectic mix of the other religions Akbar had studied during those late-night theological debates. never caught on among the Hindus and Muslims outside of his court. Akbar's fascination with religion grew to almost an obsession when he fashioned his own faith. but despite this failure. The new faith. . however. He borrowed what he saw as the best components of each and blended them into the melange that became Din Ilahi. Akbar continued to support religious tolerance among his people.called Din Ilahi.

• Akbar worked to unify diverse empire by promoting religious tolerance • Held that no one religion could provide all answers to life’s problems • Did not want to discourage people from practicing any religion. discriminate against anyone for their beliefs . • Helped to conquer nearly all of modern-day northern India and Pakistan.Akbar’s Achievements • Built the largest army ever in the empire.

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