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Digital Cinema

The Future of Film Distribution and Exhibition

About UFO Moviez

UFO Moviez was founded by Valuable Group in early 2005 Valuable Group is present in three Verticals Media Technology Infrastructure Valuable groups mission has been Technology enabled Business Innovation It achieves its mission through a three-step process




Our Motivation -- Disruptive Technologies

Snail Mail Single Channel TV Picture Roll Cameras Vinyl Records Share Certificates

E- Mail 200 channel Sat TV Digital Cameras CDs , MP3 De-mat Shares

Digital Cinema as a concept is another Disruptive Technology

Indian Cinema Going round in circles

Low budgets

Low success rate

Low quality of films

Low collections

Why are we caught in this vicious circle?

Single screens on a decline

Piracy Print quality degradation High operating costs High print costs

Indian cinema
High entertainment taxes Poor condition of cinema houses

Delayed release of films

Competition from home entertainment

Digital cinema is the way forward

Digital Cinema- The Only Solution

Standard Geo-synchronous Ku-band Satellite Film Print Projector


Cine Blaster Digital Master

Compression Encryption Movie and License Upload to Satellite Movie and License Download from Satellite

UFO Digital Cinema Configuration

Digital Cinema Key Success factors

Critical Mass of Theatres

Robust tested Technology

Viable Business Model

UFO Business Model

Infrastructure Service Provider

Provision of End to End Digital Cinema Solutions

Usage based fees

Nationwide chain of fulfillment offices

Win-Win Solution
UFO business model is a win-win solution for all Producers & distributors benefit through savings in print costs and additional revenues through simultaneous release Exhibitors earn additional revenues because of increased occupancy level due to early availability of movies, quality and scheduling flexibility The Government earns through increased tax collections UFO earns through usage based service charges and Advertising

Where this additional revenue comes from? Widespread first day first show release shall increase the box office collections and multiply Exhibitors and Distributors earnings The revenue leakage which was happening due to illegal video parlors and video piracy is getting plugged and the revenue is coming back into the system

Taking First Day First Show Entertainment to Homes

Valuable Group has recently acquired the Disney promoted MovieBeamA Hollywood certified push video on demand service MovieBeam shall be Indias first High Definition Video on Demand Service MovieBeam will be shortly launched in India. Films will be released on this platform on First Day First Show basis as well as on catalogue basis

Proud Moments for UFO

IIFA Award for Technology Innovation in Indian Cinema at Yorkshire 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at Global Entrepolis @ Singapore a joint award by the Asian Wall Street Journal and the Govt of Singapore Most Innovative Media and Never Before Used Media Awards by the Advertising Club

The future is Digital