Green Marketing

Smart Sensible Suitable
By Anshumali Saxena Feb 2011

The Green Necessity    Social Welfare branding necessity Budgetary cuts necessity Environmental sensibility necessity Green Marketing delivering ‘More From Less’ benefits consistently by leveraging smart tactics. focused approach and innovative practices .

N philosophy makes branding memorable.R. marketing affordable & outcomes more useful for organization & consumers .engaging and participative deliverables N .E.N Marketing Revealed G – grounded in reality R – refreshingly relevant E – energetic and fast paced E .R.G.E.E.E.novel innovations that never become stale G.

Transport is a bigger pain point than is Love for wildlife for Delhi youngster (do they ever go to zoo?) Save marketing monies.g. boost business credibility & brand salience  . high interaction media e.Grounded in Reality    Abilty to add value quickly and cost effectively Highly visible and very connected to daily needs Well researched ‘pain-points’ or ‘business challenges’ based approach Presence in low cost. Aircell could have rolled out CNG cab services for traffic stressed Delhiites and used PR rather than multimedia based Save Tiger campaign (a distant need of an urbanite) .

affordable manner .g. locally relevant Low cost. high ROI (relevant to bosses budget cuts) Environmentally relevant. environmentally friendly in a sensible. Free radio linked CNG cabs would reduce pollution generate jobs & help urbanites save money and improve lives Be socially useful.Refreshingly Relevant    Socially valuable. legally applicable e.

g. boost usefulness instantly for all users and marketing partners /providers  .Energetic & Fast Paced     Quickly roll out new features & benefits Leverage numerous co-branding synergies Be a proactive winner mapping into latent needs Leave competition gasping for breath. consistently e. Free radio linked CNG cabs could offer GPS linked schedules. linkage with metro trains offering free internet browsing on kiosks placed at ‘cab-stops’ Save users time.

print media and radio FM chat stations with contests information for CNG cab users. Start a viral marketing on web.Engaging & Participative    Use techniques that participate in users’ lives Involve and engage users & not just communicate Be as 360 degrees experiential as is possible e.g. The gifts & freebies suggestions come from cab users themselves (within a money-range) Partnering marketing approach to boost brand affinity and business like-abilities consistently  .

free. my Aircel Cab.Never Stale. my delight’’ Web media is mobile 24X7 accessible. saves trees & generates widespread ‘word-of-mouth advertising with greatest ease for maximizing brand popularity quickly. CNG cab campaign rolled out in facebook fan page with weekly winners of people who add the maximum friends and those who post the wackiest videos on ‘me. innovatively & cost effectively  . Forever Novel    Innovative with a ‘earthy’ common sense appeal Harmonize media and messaging benefits Make consumers brand champions for higher customer delight e.g.

DP . sensible and socially sensitive manner Hail DP as the Green Marketing Hero and hopefully more public utility service providers will replicate Green Marketing!!  . enrich & engage its audience in a meaningful.Green Marketing Dude!  Delhi Police’s adopt a street dog for low cost most reliable home security Delhi Police’s facebook fan page making difference in ordinary people’s lives by giving them a way to influence policing practices in realtime Policing the fastest growing mega polis in the world is not easy…yet DP found the right way to inform.

businesses & public functionaries as a target audience needs focused marketing force-multiplier/ 91-9810977486. New Delhi. . Thank You! anshumali_saxena@yahoo.Me A Green Marketing Messiah Spreading Green Marketing awareness across students. India.

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