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Registration of Small Scale Industrial Units (SSI)

SSI Registration is now replaced with filling of Memorandum(s) and undertaking under the MSMED Act, 2006. Salient features of MSMED Act2006 are as under: The state government is required to take action to ensure that the benefits of this promotional legislation percolate to all the stakeholders. Under the Act industry component has been replaced by enterprise with a view to emphasizing the importance of service

Manufacturing enterprises
Manufacturing enterprises have been defined in terms of investment in plant and machinery (excluding land & buildings) as under: Micro Enterprises- investment up to Rs. 25 lakh Small Enterprises- investment above Rs. 25 lakh & up to Rs. 5 crore. Medium Enterprises- investment above Rs. 5 crore & up to Rs. 10

Service enterprises
Service enterprises have been defined in terms of their investment in equipment and further classified in to : Micro Enterprises- investment up to Rs. 10 lakh Small Enterprises- investment above Rs. 10 lakh & up to Rs. 2 crore. Medium Enterprises- investment above Rs. 2 crore & up to Rs. 5

filing of a memorandum
Under the Act (a)SSI registration has been dispensed with and replaced with the filing of a memorandum. (b)Filling of memorandum is optional for all Micro and Small Enterprises. (c)Filling of memorandum is optional for service sector medium enterprises (d)Filling of memorandum is

Enterprises will file the memorandum before the Nodal Authority of Industries Deptt.. (A format of memorandum along with the procedure of its filing is available at website It is mandatory for the manufacturing (not service) Medium enterprises to file a memorandum and It would be optional for all other categories to file such memorandum

It has been further informed that the memorandum filed by Enterprises would be acknowledged by the Authority. The EM is divided in two parts. ENTREPRENUERS MEMORANDUM (EM) Two Parts Part I Part II

i) Any person who intends to establish Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise, whether in manufacturing or in service sector, shall file Part I and after commencing the production shall file Part II. The validity of Part I is for two years, after the lapse of which, no renewal will be granted ii) But the existing units who have already commenced production or rendering services shall file Part II

The Memorandum shall be filed in four copies, and it shall be accompanied by - Copy of Board Resolution (in case the unit is company), - Income Tax Receipt for tax payment for the last assessment year (applicable only to existing units), - Proof of nature of investment in Land and Building. The proof will either be ownership documents (if the same is owned by the company/ partnership firm) or agreement of lease or rent, as the case may be. Extract of Index II for the said premises shall also be part of attachment - It is advisable to submit a copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for carrying

After receiving the memorandum, complete in all respect, General Manager of DIC will issue acknowledgment after allotting EM number. If the memorandum is received in person, acknowledgment will be issued on the same day and if the memorandum is received by post then the acknowledgment will be sent by post

Application for registration can be made by following persons: a) A Director of the company, who is authorised by Resolution, passed by Board in this regard. b) Any partner of the Partnership Firm c) Sole proprietor for proprietorship firm d) Any person authorised by the organization in this connection.