The spirit from piedmont middle…..

(well not really)

By the flying penguins

The Dance
One night, there was a Halloween dance at piedmont middle… Four friends were chatting over at the refreshment tables. “I’m thinking of buying some nachos,” said a girl named Mary. “Wait right here.” She went and got the nachos but she accidentally left her wallet in the food shop. She went back to her friends, eating her nachos on the way.

One spooky night
They were some of the last people to leave the dance. Only them and four other boys were left. As they started to leave, the door snapped shut by themselves. Ahhhhhh!!!! They all screamed. Then all of the sudden, the lights turned out!! “Why is this happening!?!” A girl named Abby yelled, frightened. “I don’t know, but it’s getting really freaky!!!” called a girl named Connie. “Well you should remember that today is Friday the 13th.” said another friend, Stephanie. Then they all heard something….

It was the four boys talking quietly. The girls listened. “ That was a great trick,” said a guy called Ryan. “Oh!!!It was!!!” cried a guy named Evan. Two other guys, Eduardo and Tommy laughed. “Oh! So it was a trick right?” Abby demanded when she found the boys. “And what’s that?” Connie asked as she pointed to Evan’s hand. “Hey!!! That’s my wallet!!”Mary exclaimed. “Give it back to her!!!” Stephanie commanded. “Fine!”

Evan handed the wallet back. “Besides, what do you mean a trick?” He asked. “We over heard you guys talking,”Abby huffed. “You should know what we’re talking about.You know, like the lights turning off and the doors….”Connie said. “Wait, what do you mean?”Eduardo asked confused. “We thought you guys were the ones who did that,” Tommy added. “What?”Stephanie asked a little frightened. “Wait…then does that mean---” Mary’s voice was cut off. “Excuse me?”A small voice was heard. “Can you help me find my mommy?”a little boy came out from the darkness….

A Ghost…
“Umm…when did you last see her?” Abby asked. The little boy’s face darkened. “Right before I died.” He said with a dark expression. AHHHH!! The girls screamed and the boys shouted out. Finally, they all quieted down. “Don’t talk silly,” Connie exclaimed. “Yeah,” Tommy said to the little boy. “Fine!! If you don’t believe me, you’ll regret it!” He stomped off and snapped his fingers one. Immediately, the lights turned back on and the doors opened back up by themselves. “Let’s get out of here!” They all called in unison. Then, they ran out.

Thinking and going back…
The next day, the 4 girls and the 4 guys were talking about the other day. “I’m thinking that we should maybe go back….”Stephanie was saying. “No!!!” Mary exclaimed, a little too loud. She quieted down. “If you mean at night like yesterday, I’m not going. “It was pretty freaky,” said Connie slowly. “But maybe we should go back,” Abby said. “Agreed.” Ryan said. “Ok then. I guess just this time,” Mary replied. “Then we’ll go tonight. 10 o clock sharp.” Evan said.

That night, they went back to the gym. Immediately, the doors closed and the lights turned off. Then, the lights came back on. Now, they knew the boy was there again. “Hello?”Mary called out. “I’m right here…” A small voice said. The same voice as the little boy. “I knew you guys would come back.” “We believe you now!” Connie blurted out. “What?” “That you’re a ghost..”Tommy said. “Ok…thank you..”The little boy said quietly. “Then can you? And are you still scared of me?” “No…We’re not scared any more… and yes we’ll help you.” Evan replied.

“She’s at the Wells Cemetery. But I don’t know where it is.” said the little boy. “We know where it is!”They all said in unison. “Can you bring me there?” The boy asked. “Sure.” said Stephanie.

No more…
They went to the cemetery and the little boy went in. “Bye and thank you,” He whispered as he went into the cemetery. From then on, they were Never bothered bye a ghost again….

P.S. Happy Halloween!!!

That night, they went back to the school and into the gym where they


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