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& 360 Degree Feed Back in BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS”. By Rohan Kelkar HR

Meaning of Perfomance Management System

“ Perfomance Management System is a roadmap for creating a High Perfomance organisation through the integration of organization's vision,values,systems and people”

5 Dimensions of HRM HRM Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Career Management Compensation Management PMS .

.PMS Cycle • • • • Individual Goal Setting Perfomance Planning Mid Year Perfomance Review. Annual Perfomance Appraisal.

 Planning to perform.  Delivering re-inforcement for performance success & performance failure.  Evaluation of the performance .What is Perfomance Management  It is about setting the goals.  Periodically review the progress in performance. .

• It’s not just an imposition of goals by superior.What Perfomance Management is NOT? • It’s not just an annual review. • It’s not only evaluation of individual job performance. .

Pillars of PMS • Management By Objectives. . (MBO) • Its about setting SMARTER Goals.

R-Realistic. M-Measurable A-Agreed Upon.SMART means……. T-Time Bound . • • • • • S-Specific & Streching..

. • PA is a part of PMS. • PMS is a continuous process. • PMS is a Function of HRM. • It is one of the method used to measure the employee performance • It is a static tool evaluation.Difference between PMS-PA • PMS is a Dynamic System.

Methods of PA Methods Traditional Methods Modern Methods As per the office .

Essay Method. Factor Comparison Method.Traditional Methods • • • • Grading Method. . Checklist Method.

Modern Methods • • • • BARS. MBO. . BS Card. 360 * Degree Feedback.

Broad Purposes: • To make decisions about pay and promotion • To determine how people are developing skills and competencies their .360° Appraisal OR Multi.Source Feedback 360° Appraisal is one where “ everybody around you” is passing a judgment on your action and this judgment is used for HR action in the organization.

Brief Outlook .

Need for 360 Degree feedback •Traditional Approach •Upward Feedback •Peer Feedback •360 Degree Feedback .

 Multiple Reporting.  Emphasises on the Team Spirit. .  Minimizes Superior Bias.  More objective oriented.  Development Tool.  Focus on Customer Satisfaction.Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback  Increases the span of control.

 It may be difficult to get a representative sample of employee  Failure in follow up may bring the organization back to square one and may cause more harm.Pitfalls of 360° degree Feedback  Time Consuming. .  People Resentment in case of No Action.

• Johnson & Johnson. • Telco. .Benefits 360°FEEDBACK IN PRACTICES • Motorola. • General Electrics. • Philips.

Semi Confidential Report Private Organization.Target oriented .Annual Confidential Report Public and Private organization.Methods of Appraisal in Different Organization Government Organization.

Conclusion Great deal to offer and could provide what Robert Burns called “The gifts to see ourselves as other see us”. .



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