HAPTIC     HAPTIC :having to do with sense of touch. HAPTIC :also known as force-feedback technology Interfaces: established out of field of teleoperation Telerobotic applications .

Architecture for Haptic feedback .

System architecture for Haptic rendering .

Kinesthetic   Forces due to object geometry Forces due to object surface properties- .Tactile 2.Contact-Response forces  Types of sensors 1.

Haptic Devices .

Applications .

Medical training applications .

Minimally Invasive surgery   Measures forces and torques. . Determines Dof forces.

.Stroke Patients Patients interact with virtual worlds by feel.

.Prostate Cancer  Improves Brachytheraphy by increasing seed distribution accuracy.

Immersion:     Mobiles more useful. Games more electrifying. Automobile controlsmore intuitive. . Medical training simulators-more effective.


Torch for BLIND .

Virtual Brailee Display: (vdb) .

Part of a Person s normal computer interaction. .CONCLUSION:   Future for online computing & Ecommerce.

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