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Czech Republic
Prague is the capital and the largest city of
the Czech republic and it is divided into
fifteen districts.
Areas of particular interest:

Prague1- the very centre of

the town
Prague2&6- residential
Prague3&8- used to be the
quarters where the
working class lived
Prague4,9&10- mostly
Prague5(around Andel)-
made a big progress
Situated on the River Vltava in the central Bohemia,
Prague has been the political, cultural, and
economic centre of the Czech state for over 1100
years. Due to its history, the historic center of
Prague was added in 1992 to UNESCO ´s list of
World Heritage Sites.
Prague's population – 1.2 million and the
official language is Czech but Slovak is also
commonly understood.

Prague- a unique
collection of
historical monuments
-contains varied
collections of
architecture from Art
to Baroque,
Renaissance, Cubist,
Gothic, Neo-
Classical and ultra-
Prague is traditionally one of the cultural centers of
Europe, hosting many cultural events. Significant
cultural institutions:
• National Theater

• National Museum

• National Gallery

• National Library

• State Opera

• The Rudolfinum
• Czech Republic has a moderate
continental climate with four
distinctive seasons. The average
temperature in the winter (December
to March) is about -5°C (23°F) and in
the summer (June to September) is
about 20°C (68°F).
What & Where to eat and
drink in Prague
• Restaurants in Prague-
Czech cuisine,
Italian/pizzeria, French,
American, Asian,
Arabian, Indian and
even vegetarian.
• Traditional Czech food:
dumplings, svicková,
rajská, soups and
• Traditional Czech
drinks: beers, wines,
spirits( becheroka,
fernet, slivovice).
• Beer gardens,
Prague attractions - Prague
"most wanted"
Prague sightseeing - what makes Prague
• Prague Castle - No. 1 Prague attraction
• Charles Bridge
• The Loreto - Santa Casa
• Old Town Square
• St. Nicholas Cathedral
• Wenceslas Square - the place that never sleeps
• Franciscan Garden: oasis of calm
• Wallenstein Garden
• Dancing House
• St Vitus Cathedral
• Church of Our Lady of the Snow
• Schwarzenberg Palace
• Vrtba Garden
• New Town Hall
Transport in Prague

• Public Transport - metro, buses, trams

• Taxi

• Cars

• Boats

• Bikes
Prague for kids

• Prague Zoo - Zoo in Top 10 of

World Best Zoos
• Botanical Gardens
• SeaWorld
• Toy museum-the second largest
museum of this kind in the world
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