Happy belated Valentine s Day (from the Baroque artists who gave us the chubby cherub called putti

) putti)

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Handel and the ecstasy of the Messiah

I think I did see all Heaven before me and the great God Himself!

here and there at the same time  Contradiction. doubleness. to stand beside oneself  The experience of being Other to oneself: you and notnot-you.The arts of ecstasy From Greek. space  . stasis. ek stasis. vastness  Corresponding confusion of location.

and then Baroque artists. revel in the sense of distortion and surging motion El Greco. Mannerist. The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception (1608(16081613) More dynamic sense of space everything potentially dramatic   .

« Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles. » 1622-1625 1622- .Baroque theatricality: Peter Paul Rubens.

Thank goodness we re more civilized . .

develop methods to resolve doubt (philosophy and natural philosophy or science) or make it source of drama (contradiction. bravado  Reformation  Catholic Counter-Reformation and end of Wars of Religion  Late Renaissance skepticism  doubt now used to escape dogma. turn it into mercantile opportunity  Encounter with Others  Rationalize . conflict) colonialism. explore newness of New World.Sources of new confidence.

to dazzle the uneducated with religious fervor and feeling  These are transferred into intensely religious art and emotions .The fate of Carnival and the carnivalesque in the Baroque  Catholic Church s sponsorship of Carnival (Feast of Fools. etc. decision to counter the Reformation: new emphasis by Church and State to co-opt cosensuality. emotionalism. the grotesque body.) to regulate calendar and behavior  The safety valve theory of carnival  After Council of Trent and other reforms. etc.

Effects of the Inquisition: Veronese Feast in the House of Levi (originally The Last Supper ) .

INQUISITOR: INQUISITOR: Does it seem fitting at the Last Supper of Our Lord to paint buffoons.Excerpt from interrogation INQUISITOR: Why did you paint that man as a buffoon with a parrot on his wrist? VERONESE: For ornament. drunkards. Germans. dwarfs and similar vulgarities? . as is VERONESE: customary INQUISITOR: INQUISITOR: Are these not supposed to be suitable and proper to the subject matter or are they for pleasure simply what comes to your mind without any discretion? VERONESE: I paint pictures as I VERONESE: see fit and as well as my talent permits.

John of the Cross (1542(154291)  Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651(1651-1695) . mystical poetry.Baroque religious literature  Council of Trent (1545(154563): doctrinal rigor  almost outlaws highly expressive artistic styles (polyphony in music. etc. Mannerist art.)  Instead uses them as propaganda  St.

Living Flame of Love *Dark/Light in strong opposition *Use of contradictory modifiers [ tenderly wounding my soul O welcome ulcer every debt redeeming/In redeeming/In slaying ] *salvation described in erotic terms: seduction of the soul *destructive force of fire distorted and reversed -purifying . John of the Cross.St.

but something to transcend through ecstasy  Darkness with sudden enlightenment  Pain with pleasure  Seduction with salvation  Concordia discors  Conflict that creates harmony . Erotic and spiritual states  Body/spirit split not a source of anxiety.

Baroque Musical harmony  Bach. an ambiguous statement  For the artists and thinkers of the Baroque. it becomes an aesthetic creed use dissonance/darkness to enhance harmony  . Canon concordia discors (BMV 1086)  This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine For Prospero.

Bernini. Coronaro Chapel .

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (de Avila)

Coronaro Chapel with figures in wings: the theatricalization of ecstasy

Even the spectators are animated

Coranaro Chapel ceiling: ecstasy of light The first multimedia art? .

Detail: ecstasy of the body-spirit body- .

Details: Spiritual redemption through physical ecstasy .

The gospel of ecstasy: Mahalia can make salvation sound like sex and sex sound like salvation! .

witty  But in service of strong emotion (physical and spiritual ardor)  Explore more jagged rhythms and offoffrhymes .Baroque poetry Concordia discors  Use of conceit as organizing principle   Intellectual.

burn. and stand. for you As yet but knock . and bend Your force. o'erthrow me. shine. That I may rise. .John Donne  Batter my heart. three-person'd God . and seek to mend . breathe. and make me new. to break. blow.

to another due. But is captived. Yet dearly I love you. and would be loved fain. I. but O. . Reason. like an usurp'd town. your viceroy in me. But am betroth'd unto your enemy. me should defend. to no end. Labour to admit you. and proves weak or untrue.

Except you enthrall me. Take me to you. imprison me. Ludovica 1674 . or break that knot again. never shall be free. See if you can find similar patterns of discordia concors in The Flea and other Donne poems Bernini. for I. untie. Divorce me. except you ravish me.  Ecstasy of St. Nor ever chaste.

gang member.Caravaggio. murderer of a tennis match opponent  Also the inventor of the Florid (or CounterCounterReformation) Baroque style   tenebrism . aka Caravaggio  A real punk: street brawler. Beheading of the Baptist Michelangelo Merisi.

murderer of a tennis match opponent  Also the inventor of the CounterCounter-Reformation Baroque style   tenebrism . Beheading of the Baptist Michelangelo Merisi.Caravaggio. gang member. aka Caravaggio  A real punk: street brawler.

Caravaggio. Death of the Virgin and detail (1606) .

Judith Beheading Holofernes (1598) with dramatic foreshortening and use of light .Caravaggio.

Even the blood is a little stagey .

Judith Beheading Holofernes (1620 version) .The caravaggisti: Artemesia Gentileschi.

Detail: where does the artist learn the physics of actual blood-spatter? .

William Harvey. Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus ( An Anatomical Exercise on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals )   Mechanisms of circulation of blood discovered by 1616 Published 1628 .

Gentileschi s use of Galileo s study of the parabolic paths of projectiles (1608) for the blood spurt in Judith Beheading Holofernes (more on art and science next week!) .

Gentileschi. Susannah and the Elders (1610) .

Mary Magdalene (1620) .Gentileschi.

Self-Portrait as Female Martyr (1615) Self- .Gentileschi.

Self-Portrait as Allegory of Painting Self(1630) .Gentileschi.

Views of Bernini. David .

Comparison of Renaissance and Baroque Davids .

David detail of facial expression: e-motion .

Bernini. Fountain of the Four Rivers. Rome .

The Baroque love of moving water: art in motion .

Mastery over even the most liquid and dynamic forms in nature .

Aerial view. St. Rome . Peter s.

Baldachinno St. Peter s Note the scale as compared to humans .Bernini.


Cathedri Petri .Bernini.

Cathedra Petri (detail in polished bronze) .

17th-C. Baroque Churches in Mexico City (L) and Nicaragua (R): The Baroque as an International Style .

Apotheosis of St.Pozzo. emotionally uplifting Experience with Baroque music for maximum effect Bach s Magnificat works pretty well . Ignatius Di sotto in sù ( seen from below ) perspective very dramatic.


Illusionistic effects of quadratura The actual architectural shape of the ceiling .

Note the floating image .

1678) .Guarino Guarini. Palazzo Carignano (Turin. c.

severe.Detail. Carignano (vs. rectilinear Renaissance style of Alberti) Alberti) .

Next time: the Baroque beyond Italy and the mastery of infinite (and intimate) space .

and mastery of another kind .

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