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Organisational culture is really about the people and the way they behave when in groups It is determining and controlling employee behaviour at workplace It maintains the stability of the social system Organisation culture may reflect in various forms

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Indian automobile industry Heavy vehicles market

Ashok motors was set up in 1948 Hinduja group provides a wide range of product over 50 countries Five AL values

The main aim of the study is to know the organisational culture at Ashok Leyland It helps to know about the employee perception Analyze the strength and weakness

PRIMARY OBJOCTIVES:  To study the organisation culture in Ashok Leyland  To find out the attitudes of the employees in the organisation SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:  To analyze the relationship between co-workers  To analyze the factors affecting the organisational culture and suggest the organisation to improve their culture

To know about the effectiveness of work in the organisation It helps to know the relationship between coworkers

Research ` Research methods ` Research technique ` Research methodology ` Type of research ` Research design ` Questionnaire ` Data collection ` Sampling

Probability of sampling ` Population ` Sampling unit ` Sampling frame ` Sampling size ` Hypothesis ` Statistical tools for analysis

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The study is limited only 45 days duration The respondents may not co-operate The respondents may be biased Some respondents reacted indifferently

92% o respondents said that the organisation policies are reviewed annually 73% of respondents agree that the organisation shows respect for different opinions and ideas 57% of respondents are satisfied their training programmes 81% of respondents satisfied with their working environment 85% of respondents are satisfied with their rules and regulations

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65% of respondents agree with the organisation communicates effectively 41% of respondents learned the culture by the way of language 77% of respondents have a perfect co-operation in their work 73% of respondents are enjoying their work 97% of respondents are celebrates the success of team members

The management can provide proper guidance to the employees Management can improve the better communication To improve the relationship between top level to low level The company can improve to promote the employees based on their performance The management can improve the training programs to the employees

The present study was conducted at Ashok leyland,chennai. The good organisation cultural has improved more openness of communication, introduction of new methodologies of work.