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Not Just Heating

Average Utility Expenses
• • • • • • • • • • • 47% 19% 7% 6% 5% 4% 4% 3% 2% 2% 1% Heat Hot Water Lighting Cooling Refrigeration Washer/Dryer Cooking Electronics Auto Phantom Loads Computers and Related Equipment

Utility $ Losses
41% 15% 14% 13% Inefficient Systems Ducts & Pipes Fireplaces Pipe, Wire, Fixture Penetrations 11% Doors & Windows 4% Exhaust Fans & Vents 2% Electrical Boxes

Common Sense and Numbers
>New Windows>$ 10,000. 43 Yr. Payback = 2%Return on Investment >Storm Windows> $ 2,500. 13 Yr. Payback = 8%Return on Investment >Add 6” Insulation to Your Attic> $600. 14 Yr. Payback = 7%Return on Investment

Common Sense and Numbers
Fix the 41% of “Insufficient Systems” Cost $1,000. 8 Yr. Payback 12% Return on Investment

Start Tracking
>List All Items in Your Home That Use Power or Fuel >Make Decisions To Fit Your Lifestyles >Get a Watt Meter >Degree Day Charts >Rethink Thermostat Settings

Thermostat Settings: Set 5 degrees lower – Save 10% Try 63 Degrees When You’re Home And 58 Degrees When You’re Not or When You’re Sleeping = + 10% Air Conditioning Setting to 78 Degrees
Old Heat Settings- Day 68 / Night 62 ----Old AC Settings 72

My Clothes are Warm!
What Are You Heating That You Need Not Heat > Closets > Unused Rooms > “Deck Rooms / 3 season Rooms > Attics > Basements > Water Pipes > Radiator and Hot Air System Tricks > Change Filters once a month > Old Oil Tanks MORE

Heat / Air Conditioning Duct Work
Ducting (Both Supply and Return) or Pipes Running Through “Unconditioned” Spaces Should Be Insulated Insulate These Heat and Cooling Conductors or You Could Lose ½ of Your Heat or AC

Air Infiltration
• Pipes, Wires, Vent Hoses, Light Fixtures, • Chimneys • Access Stairs, Trap doors All “Penetrations”

Windows not Locked
Home Inventory: North & West Side Windows & Doors Sealed Against The Cold of Winter South & East Side Windows & Doors Sealed Against the Cold AND Hot >Thermal Shades and/or Curtains > Caulk > Sash Locks > Weather striping > Shrink Wrap

Entry Doors
• Most Used “Port” Between Inside and Outside. • Door Sweeps WearOut EVERY Year* • Check WeatherStripping for Tight Fit • Dead Bolts Help Tighten Doors

Psychology of Warm and Cool
> > > > > > > Cool Colors & Warm Colors Stairways High vs. Low Ceilings Cold Feet- Winter and Summer Ceiling Fans- Winter and Summer Sweaters in Winter Sleep on the Porch in Summer

• Are Your “Hot” Pipes Running Up an Outside Wall of Your Home? • AND Did “Joe the Insulator” Take a Short Cut

Cleaning Projects
>Radiator Finns  Hot Air Registers and Return Vents  Air Conditioner Filters  Furnace Filters  Light Fixtures  Refrigerator Coils  Clean Oven Door Gasket  Clean Dryer Lint Trap Before Every Load  Clean AC Coils and Finns

Refrigerator-Leaky gasket
• Solution: Do a Simple Paper Test. • If it fails- Scrub the Gasket with plastic pad and dish detergent and water • If gasket is wornreplace it

Hot Water and Steam Radiators
• Room Air is Meant to Pass Through the Finns of Baseboard Units and Through the Spaces in the Steam Radiator Sections • Yet AIR is the Enemy of Hot Water Systems

>Thermostat Location/ Level/ Clean >Chronotherms – Yes or Not for Me >Boiler Temp. Setting >Water Heater Temperature Setting/Perks >Fireplace Damper- Fix or Seal >Hot Water Pipe Lengths >Open Garage Doors >Patio Doors >Auto Tire Pressure >Furniture Away from walls >Book Shelves as Insulation >Window AC Units on North Side/Out For Winter

The Challenge
Challenge Yourself and Others To Change Your Lifestyle. ___________________ Change Could Save You Money And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Lifestyle Changes
> Group Your Auto Trips > Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs > Refrigerator & Freezer Full > Ice Shifting > Winter Entry Door > Cold Setting on Washing Machine > 2 Minute Shower > Shut Off Shower to Soap Up > Move Furniture- Take Advantage of Heat

More Lifestyle Changes
> > > > > > Move Lamps to Room Corners Turn Computer & Peripherals Off Keep Refrigerator Food Covered Cook in Microwave When Possible Run Dishwasher Only When Full Turn Gas Water Heater to “Pilot” and Electric Water Heater “Off” When You’re On Vacation

More Lifestyle Changes
> Raise Your Bed Up Higher Off the Floor > Cheaper to Heat Basement Rooms > Turn Power To TV and Accessories Off