Unit 6: Reporting

Accounts Payable
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Unit 6: Reporting

FI: Accounts Payable


Unit 6: Reporting Course Agenda Unit 1: Introduction Unit 2: Master Data Unit 3: Invoice & Credit Note Processing Unit 4: Payments Unit 5: Inquiries & Account Management Unit 6: Reporting FI: Accounts Payable 2 .

you will be able to:   At the completion of this unit you will: Understand SAP R/3 Standard Accounts Payable Information Systems Perform standard Accounts Payable Reports  FI: Accounts Payable 3 .Unit 6: Reporting Unit Objectives At the completion of this unit.

Unit 6: Reporting Transaction Codes   S_ALR_87012082 .Address List   FI: Accounts Payable 4 .Vendor List S_ALR_87012087 .List of Vendor Open Items for Printing S_ALR_87012086 .Vendor Balances in Local Currency S_ALR_87012083 .

Unit 6: Reporting Key Terms   Information Systems Standard Reports FI: Accounts Payable 5 .

You can evaluate. cash discount history. among other things. payment history. currency exposure among customers and vendors. You can select information you want to report based on the following criteria:        Fiscal Year Period Date Ranges Account Company Codes FI: Accounts Payable 6 .Unit 6: Reporting Information System  The financial information system enables you to run reports for accounts payable. or aging reports.

Unit 6: Reporting Transactions within SAP R/3 for Payment FI: Accounts Payable 7 .

Unit 6: Reporting Standard Accounts Payable Reports Available     Vendor Balances Vendor Items Master Data Payment Transactions FI: Accounts Payable 8 .

Unit 6: Reporting Standard Report Menu Path FI: Accounts Payable 9 .

Vendor Balances in Local Currency Vendors: Items y S_ALR_87012083 .Address List  FI: Accounts Payable 10 .Vendor List y S_ALR_87012087 .Unit 6: Reporting Standard Reports Transactions  Most Commonly Used Standard Report Transactions   Vendor Balances y S_ALR_87012082 .List of Vendor Open Items for Printing Master Data y S_ALR_87012086 .

Unit 6: Reporting Additional Reports Available FI: Accounts Payable 11 .

Unit 6: Reporting Unit Recap  Information Systems FI: Accounts Payable 12 .

Unit 6: Reporting Questions and Answers FI: Accounts Payable 13 .

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