By : Ankita Vidhi Pooja

To nurture talent to build leaders for tomorrow's corporation. In teams for effective performance. celebrate and activate all intellectual business contributions. In content and focus in problem solving. We endeavour To select. In intellect & its power.philosophy We believe In people and their unlimited potential. To reward. train and coach people to obtain higher responsibilities. .

Businesses Fabric Denim Shirting Khakis Knitwear Voiles Garment export Shirting Jeans Arvind Brands (owned) Flying machine Newport Ruf & Tuf Excalibur Arvind Brands (licensed) Arrow Lee Wrangler .

HR audit .

train and coach people ‡ Effective performance HR practices ‡ Regular training programs ‡ Effective teams and motivation ‡ Retained and maintained workforce. ‡ Company believes in intellect and power of people .Alignment with top management Organizational focus ‡ Select. freedom for taking decisions. satisfaction.

Creating developments and motivation ‡ Regular training programs (Conducted from both insiders and outsiders). ‡ Giving the employees freedom for taking decision. Incidence ‡ Stability in the employees because of freedom and proper guidance .

like masks and ear plugs ‡ Providing hygienic canteen facility.Health and safety ‡ Giving workers proper safety measures to work. subsidized rate for the employees ‡ Health insurance .

Work place environment and atmosphere ‡ Regular cleanliness ‡ Old construction but proper ACs for the employees ‡ Necessary facilities like computers and other equipments in sufficient manner ‡ Regular breaks for the workers for meal and breakfast .

Corporate social responsibility ‡ Utilizing the waste water in pond for fishes Explain .

‡ If they cannot change the layout. ‡ Lay out problem (More lead time in processes. Suggestions from our side ‡ There should be proper method to make aware about individual mistakes. . then there must be some facility for easy movement within the factory area (like automatic loading shifting machines. more labor movement and more cost because of old construction faults ).Limitations and suggestions Limitations ‡ No proper grievance (handling Scolding workers for the fault in front of all in meeting). practiced in good manufacturing companies).

Cont Limitations ‡ No proper supervision (the workers do not use safety measures as per the guidance. ‡ They should develop the acceptance and they should induce training and other practices for easy acceptance . Suggestions from our side ‡ Supervisors must inform and guide the workers about the hazardous effect if they do not use safety measures. and supervisors do not bother impose the norms) ‡ Resistance to change (as the workers and employees are old and are not open to work in new methods).

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