Naming the Edsel

Presented by:Siddharth Mishra(10dm10) Chandan Mallik(10dmo30) Sourav Dutta(10dm037) Abhishek Dutta(10dm084)

wide horizontal wings on the back. . push buttons on the steering wheel. which stood for "experimental car . ‡ Unique design features : front grille. 1959. ‡ The new car began under the name "E car". ‡ Price range ($2400-$5000) for a September 1957 launch.Background ‡ The Edsel was an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the 1958. and 1960 model years. ‡ Spent over $250 million in advertising that year.

youthfulness and speed  Extensive naming research was also conducted under David Wallace . Process:* Examined the personalities of competitive cars * Hired the Columbia University Bureau of Applied Social Research Finding:Three core products meanings masculinity.Market Research ‡ To inform the optimal positioning for the E-Car. ‡ Conclusion was that the cars are the means to sort of a dream fulfillment. ‡ Personality of the E-Car.

The prime reason behind the cause of the car s demise was the brand name itself.110 1959 .847 cars were built before the car was taken off the market.production was 63.End of the Edsel ‡ The E-car was ultimately named the Edsel ‡ Launched in September 1957 and discontinued in November 1959 ‡ But sales quickly fell short of forecast 1958 .846 ‡ In total only 110. .production was 44.891 1960 production was only 2.

Ford's Ernest Breech commented that they had been hired to develop a name.000. Cone and Belding to come up with a name.000 possibilities. Corsair. when the advertising agency issued its report. Pacer. . ‡ Early favorites for the name brand included Citation. They reached no conclusions. and Ranger. which were ultimately chosen for the vehicle's series names.Edsel. citing over 6. a naming dilema!(1/3) ‡ Ford ran internal studies to decide on a name. However. not 6. and even dispatched employees to stand outside movie theaters to poll audiences as to what their feelings were on several ideas. ‡ Ford retained the advertising firm Foote.

"Pastelogram". . ‡ Moore's unorthodox contributions (among them "Utopian Turtletop". "Turcotinga" and "Mongoose Civique") were meant to stir creative thought and were not officially authorized or contractual in nature. a naming dilemna!(2/3) ‡ David Wallace.Edsel. manager of marketing research unofficially invited freethinker poet Marianne Moore for input and suggestions.

. former company president and son of Henry Ford. Cone and Belding .Edsel. the car was finally called "Edsel" in honor of Edsel Ford. ‡ They launched 4 variants of it taking these 4 names from the 4 shortlisted names by Foote. who was chairing a board meeting in the absence of Henry Ford II. a naming dilemna!(2/3) ‡ At the behest of Ernest Breech.

‡ Moreover. several consumer studies showed that people associated the name "Edsel" with "weasel" and "dead cell" (dead battery). .Outcome Edsel or Edson or Dead Cell ‡ Marketing surveys later found the name was thought to sound like the name of a tractor (Edson) and therefore was unpopular with the public. drawing further unattractive comparisons.